DTube Contest - 2 weeks left - @steemauvergne organize the "Dtube d'or" during the "12 heures de Steemauvergne" - MEETUP in FRANCE - With @dtube @heimindanger @arcange @busy @ekitcho @oroger @ixindamix @planetenamek

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Hello everyone

I am @yann0975 from @steemauvergne, you know this association of 5 steemians ...

As you know we are organizing on March 3rd ... a French meetup with a special DTube contest ... The DTUBEDOR.

you only have 2 weeks left to participate and try to win the trophy.

We offer 5 categories: VLOG MUSIC FOOD FUNNY and SPORT

The rules for participating are:

You must post a new content DTUBE
You must limit the video to 3 minutes maximum
You must put the tag: dtubedor

In each category we will take 5 videos that will be transmitted to the JURY.

If you win and if you want, maybe we will call you in video conference, it would be great!
We will send the rewards directly to the winners by postal means.

Try to participate in the category that you like ...
You have until February 15th.

I leave you the previous links which will inform you of this contest ...

We are waiting for you in video




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Thank you for your post. :) I have voted for you: 🎁! To call me just write @contentvoter in a comment.