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  1. I don’t have any mobile phone with me right now, so the best way to reach me is through the office TELEPHONE.

  2. The SYMPHONY of these musicians playing together is just surreal.

  3. I don’t know how to play the XYLOPHONE, but my friend does!

  4. I guess the easiest lesson we had in school was about PHONETICS.

P.S. About your update: Please don’t apologize, @majes.tytyty! ☺️ With the growth opportunity you offer us, minnows, through this Vocab Practice, we are even thankful to you and for your efforts. Cheers!

Thanks for your vote of confidence. I will do my best provide you and all others with the opportunity to grow and learn. Cheers!!


  1. Telephone makes long distance communication possible.

  2. The chour groups that performed at the music concert all sang in symphony.

  3. Xylophone is an African musical instrument.

  4. Native English speakers don't need to study phonetics

Good work!

My Vocab Practice

  1. complains gets to the marketing department through the office Telephone
  2. The Choral community choir delights its audience with such melodious symphony
  3. To play the Xylophone requires continuous practice and dedication
  4. Phonetics can also be used in our local languages

Good work!

The telephone is the best and most reliable means of communication.
Symphony produces good sound.
I have loved xylophone from day one and never know how to play it.
It seem phonetics is a branch of psychology.

Good work!


  1. Stationary telephones are a thing of the past, and the next generation will only ever see them on video and in museum.
  2. There are very few pieces of modern music that one would call a symphony.
  3. The xylophone is one of the underutilized instruments in musical arsenal.
  4. Schools often forget about teaching phonetics crippling the students ability to learn foreign languages efficiently.

Good work!


  1. The telephone rang. Catherine hesitated, debating whether to answer it.
  2. They play over the whole symphony.
  3. They will never recede like a xylophone.
  4. She's an authority on phonetics.

Good work!


  1. Remember back when telephones didn't have screens?
  2. We went out last night to hear the symphony play with Metallica.
  3. My son plays the xylophone in the school concert band.
  4. Phonetics is a fascinating branch of study.

Good work!


  1. Telephone.
    Alexander Graham Bell was among the inventors of the telephone and although it was reported that Antonio Meucci made the first design, it was Bell’s design that received the first patent at the U.S. Patent Office, making Bell to be the first inventor of the telephone.

  2. Symphony.
    There are large numbers of symphony orchestra that performs concerts all year round and their performances are very much admired by those who attend them.

  3. Xylophone.
    My new found friend is musically incline and is currently enrolled at the University of Music learning how to play the xylophone among other musical instruments.

  4. Phonetics.
    Deaf people can learn phonetics by going to school to study and learn to use visual signs in order to communicate with others.

Good work!


  1. Telephone companies in my country charge very high data fees.

  2. The group that won the match pass matched in symphony.

  3. A xylophone is very easy to play.

  4. The phonetics of some English words are different from their spellings.

Good work!


  1. I don't have telephones.
  2. I sing in a symphony.
  3. I have seen xylophone.
  4. I learn phonetics.

Good work!


  1. Due to availability of mobile phone, the fax machine in the office also serves as a telephone.
  2. The newly composed symphony is truly unique and one of a kind.
  3. The little girl received a new xylophone on her birthday.
  4. Phonetics subjects are taken by linguistics students.

PS: Thank you for your kind support and take care @majes.tytyty! :-)

Good work!

My Vocab Practice


The telephone is one of the greatest inventions in history. It went from being a luxury, to cover a need within the communicational field.


He was a great composer, writing symphonies , concertos, sonatas, and dramatic works.


It is a ballad with a choirboy singing a melody over a xylophone and soft string orchestral backing.


Ann is now a specialist on spanish and professor of phonetics and phonology at the Department of Linguistics at the Venezuela Central University.

Good work!

But please NUMBER your sentences next time. Thanks.


  1. Give me your telephone number and I will call you later today.
  2. I love 5 finger death punch their heavy metal symphony has my heart palpatating.
  3. I used to play the xylophone in music class.
  4. My mom used hooked on phonics to introduce me to the concepts of phonetics.

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Good work!


  1. Hardly anyone uses telephones anymore, everyone uses cellphones instead.
  2. You should have heard the symphony that the orchestra played, it kept me on the edge of my seat.
  3. The orchestra had a xylophone in it too.
  4. The museum had a really cool exhibit on phonetics and the evolution of
    a few languages.

Good work!

My Vocab Practice:

TELEPHONE is the things that i always use to be conected and work from it, can talk to others and send some love and flowers, and sometimes put some music that make me remember some beautiful moments and its play like a SIMPHONY, and i get down again to the earth when i hear the XYLOPHONE play some kind of beach music and get some feelings of party, then talk to other and hear the sounds from differents PHONETICS zones and enjoy the joy of life and diversity...

Thanks for the opportunity, GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Put your Hands up, hands up, and say hi... =)

Have a nice day.

Good work! But please NUMBER your sentences next time. Thanks!

My Vocab Practice

  1. Telephone
    I haven't had a telephone in years and I still don't miss unexpected calls.

  2. Symphony
    I've been to all kinds of concerts, but I haven't been to a symphony.

  3. Xylophone
    At the concert, the xylophonist really got into the song.

  4. Phonetics
    Some countries have organizations that try to standardize the phonetics of the national language; most people don't care what those organizations decide.

Good work!


  1. Every day, I check on my baby at home from my office by talking with the babysitter on the telephone.
  2. The symphony created by the flash mob was amazingly wonderful and unforgettable.
  3. The gentleman serenades her sweetheart with a xylophone.
  4. Kids nowadays learn speech with the aid of phonetics.

Good work!


  1. As soon as the telephone rings mother runs to pick the call
  2. A symphony of the chuckles was the only sound
  3. The teacher said make sentence from xylophone
  4. The students loved the phonetics class

Good work!

Hello, regards ...

  1. My son likes the gaming applications that I have on my phone
  2. I always listen symphony to relax.
  3. I want to learn to play the xylophone.
  4. We must promote the learning of phonetics.

Good work!

But please follow Rule #5 accurately. I almost missed your entry, since you did not do as the rule stipulates.


  1. I used the telephone to chat with my overseas friend.
  2. There is disagreement as to whether Beethoven's 5th or 9th symphony was the better piece of music.
  3. A young child might have an easier time learning to play the xylophone than the piano.
  4. Understanding Chinese phonetics is very important if you want to get a grasp of the language.

Good work!


  1. My love of horses probably started when I used to want to tell my dad about my day at school but one of his girlfriends was coming over to wrestle with him in his room, so he would order me to go out back and talk to the horses, and when I would complaint that the horses wouldn't care about some kid's story he would say, "Son, don't tell the older horses about it, TELEPHONE."

  2. Eventually I went to college without having made any friends, but with lots of programming skills, so when I realized that I needed someone to talk with but that the school was located in an urban area devoid of large animals, I created a simulated farm on my computer and spend all my time talking to a SYMPHONY.

  3. There was a weird bug in the programming though, which (a) made all the creatures in the simulation pronounce their "S's" like "Z's", and (b) made my young computer generated horse-friend become super-paranoid about the federal government and the collapse of society, so that in exchange for the right to live in newly converted shelters that had once been in-game underground nuclear missile silos, my horse friend became the face of The Survivalist Bunker Company Incorporated and became famous across the in-game world as the XYLOPHONE.

  4. And then, sadly, after all that, he died last year of complications related to Lyme disease that he had contracted after being bitten by infected PHONETICS.

Good work! But please try to use the vocabulary in context, such that the meaning is apparent in your usage. As it is, one could hardly determine the meaning of the target words from your sentences.

In particular, #4 gives a completely erroneous usage of "phonetics."

Good luck next time. Thanks.

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