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The Volentix platform which is said not to be a an ERC-20 compliant but built on an EOS platform will exist using four major pillars which will further keep them at the top gear as compared to their other counterparts. Volentix is refferer to as a cryptocurrency and blockchain-based multifunctional ecosystem designed to create to easy the issues associated with having to get multiple wallets to serve different functionalities whereas a single wallet can make provision for all these with ease. It is on this premises that the Volentix platform came to existence. The Four pillars associate initializing array of the Volentix applications are as follows: Venue, Verto, Vespucci, and VDex.

The Verto is built in the form of a wallet. The Verto is a multi-currency wallet that allows for continuous management and acess of funds by VDEX users unlike whst is optainable with other wallets out there. While the VENUE is an interface that allows users to receive some VTX tokens in exchange for their help and participation in submitting works done for the Volentix community. Whereas the Vespucci pillar of the Volentix platform is an analytics engine. It functions by covering real-time data and historical market that includes digital asset ratings which help put the users of the Volentix platform abreast of the current happenings in terms of trading.

The Fourth pillar of the Volentix, the VDex exchange, is known as the tradable digital assets platform of the ecosystem and it is specially designed For swift, reliable, cost effective and secure usability. The VDex is built in such a way that it is user friendly and it's interface is easy-to-use for both amateur and professional traders who subscribe to the platform. The VDex exchange platform is set to allow different types of trading pairs (fiat-fiat, Fiat-cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency - cryptocurrency and the likes)

The Volentix platform has got some strikingly features as seen with the typical EOS.IO System features which further helps in checkmating the security challenges affecting traditional exchange platforms. These features are listed below:

Malware detection by auditing processes

Random diversification- that’s by toggling of protocols is a level of complexity

Multiple factor identification

Ensure inspection of logs as control.

Prevents a replay of a transaction on forks that do not include the referenced block

If a block producer takes an unreasonable amount of runtime or is not profitable enough, the process is blacklisted.

Deploy a custom contract that only accepts deposits of known tokens from KYC’d accounts

All accounts must only read and write in their own private database


VTX us the Ticker for the Volentix token. It is not an Erc-20 token but was built on customized open-source eos.io technology. The advantage of choosing this network is such that Transaction run faster on this chain and very effective for processing as compared to other providers. The VTX is the utility token of the Volentix platform and will be used for all forms of transactions being carried out on for the Volentix platform and will be spendable on VDex decentralized exchange. This is is a unique ecosystem if you ask me and this will further keep the value of the token intact.

The sale of VTX token has been schedule to starts by February, 2019, and it will be open until the hard cap is reached which is currently ongoing. Kindly avail yourself the opportunity to participate in the on going token sale.

It is worthy of note that The minimum number of VTX an individual can purchase is 1 btc or equivalent in other currencies accepted via their payment gateways Zixipay and Blocktopus

Restricted Countries – The United States and Chinese indigen are restricted to buy the VTX token.
A part of the use cases of the VTX tokens are the fact that The VTX token will be used for rewarding participants in the consensus process and in Venue campaigns been organized by the platform. The VTX token will also be used for paying transaction fees on the VDex exchange which will in turn reduce the cost of transaction. Also, Holders of VTX will have the permission and right to submit and vote on proposals being organized on the Volentix Ecosystem. Again, The VTX token will be used for staking support for reviewing proposals and implementing projects.
It is stated thatThe VTX token will be used for incentivizing users to participate in order book settlement by becoming nodes via their Verto wallets. Invariably, with Volentix, it is a win-win case.

To check more about Volentix kindly check

Volentix website: https://volentix.io/

Whitepaper: https://volentix.io/documentation/vdex-whitepaper/

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