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VDex was birthed by Volentix, and was created to distribute several digital assets exchange that have been deconcentrated. This exchange arrives with a major control on governance, societal development, and the users' experience. VDex makes use of technologies that have already been created plus it uses that to choose virgin protocols with focus on easier authentication, ease of access and ultimately speed. One of the principal goals is to help P2P trades with its assemblage of P2P deals by aggregating a collection of deconcentrated applications which are created on the EOS.IO smart contracts.

Volentix's exosystem is usually placed on four pillars: Venue, Vespucci, Verto and VDex. They can be referred to as a layout of applications.


VENUE was created to act like a driving platform to employ team members in Volentix to assist with VTX's distribution. It is also known as Volentix's natural digital asset.

The next pillar is the pillar of VERTO, a multicurrency wallet attached to the VDex decentralized exchange designed for users. The intention behind this is to facilitate the local management of public keys, coupled with that of private keys in deals relating to peer-to-peer. It completely eradicates the risks which comes with unfortunately losing stakes. Naturally, Verto will get support from a system of smart contracts, and also managing system when trading clients are involved.

VESPUCCI is seen as an analytic engine only accessible through a friendly user interface. It possesses correct real time, market data rooted in history. Plus it provides sentiment analyses and assets ratings. The goal of this is to provide users with the ability to compare, contrast, and graph tradeable digital assets.

VDEX is usually referred to as the portal that creates smoothness with the integration of the wallet of Verto and Vespucci interface.

The whole operating system responsible for this great technology is guaranteed to offer certification or authentication; synchronization of accounts and databases, plus scheduling, and asynchronous communication. There have already been in an introduction of protocols into the platform. In the beginning, VDex will no doubt benefit from the qualities of EOS.IO, but over time, there involves a plan to allow it to implement protocols. These protocols will help in creating a decentralized exchange network which is done through EOS contracts and other technological tools.

Some of its best methodologies include the: Context Free Actions, Liquidity, Web Assembly(WASM), Schema defined messages and database, Sidechains, Inter-Contract Communication, Rust/C++ contracts, and Hashed Timelock Contracts.

Nevertheless, some of the network topology you can expect to see includes nodes, aggregators and latency.

Among the features of the VDex exists the Order Book. The Order Book can basically be referred to as a collect of purchase and sell orders. This is usually compiled from VDEX records of interested users. There also exists the machine engine which makes use of the order book to determine the orders that can be achieved.

A technology called the Order Settlement has in it, elements of orthodox financial market deals. Through FIFO technology, the order book can be. VDex's intention becomes clear: to cross-check order, inventory rate, and check order limitations plus cancellations.

The reasons for putting the VDex exchange on the EOS.IO platform is because it is free for users. Developers can also stake EOS.IO-compliant tokens to make use of a smart contract. Afterwards, tokens that are locked in will be sent back. Decentralized applications will then redistribute memory, bandwidth, CPU, and others to their different contracts. Multiple accounts and multiple messages can now be allocated to the initial line.

Finally, when it comes to the interaction of blockchain, the inter-blockchain communication EOS.IO was created to make the Inter-Blockchain Communication proof lightweight. Because of the EOS.IO-based smart contract, a trusted multi-signature wallet can hold the asset in escrow, which can then be used to convince the publishing of the deal based on proofs of IBC from the originating chain.

The large multi-blockchain information can be acquired by adding blockchain timelines in parallel order. This system will allow the trigger of transfer states, take data outputs from smart contracts, multi-chain load balancers, and foreign blockchain transaction execution.

Security measures have of course been put in place to guarantee that threats won't be an issue to the system. Few of the security measures that are put in place are, auditing rogue processes, randomization, log inspection, contract security and transaction as proof of stake. Plus, other security measures that will help with system recovery.

The aim is to mold VTX and Volentix's four pillars into an accessible place for everyone who seeks to join the society.

Website: https://volentix.io
Telegram: https://t.me/volentix
Whitepaper: https://s3.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com/volentix/VDexWhitePaper.pdf
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5048597
Twitter: https://twitter.com/volentix
Github: https://github.com/Volentix/

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