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in #vote3 years ago (edited)

I'm a part of a small trail supporting a small community of authors, due to low number of posts we have few extra votes to spare each day and I'm looking for good authors to give these votes to, if you want to receive them, the rules are simple.

  • you must join the trail "wide" on steemauto
  • your posts must be original
  • no spam
  • you shouldn't try to abuse the trail, any attempt to abuse will end up with you in our black list!

keep in mind that we consider the post quality before voting and joining the trail doesn't mean all of your post would be eligible for a vote.
The trail only votes a maximum of ten posts per day, and wouldn't drain your voting power, (at the moment it's more like one vote per day.)

Here's the discord invite link:
you need to send your posts link to the #upvote-me channel, to be checked for upvote.

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