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These days , Multidisciplinary learning happen to be one of the most challenging tasks in medical education, on both the graduate and postgraduate levels. And as the volume of information in medical sciences is growing rapidly, the demands on this type of learning are getting bigger and the mission of VoxelX is to revolutionize the multidisciplinary learning by creating an online DICOM-platform to simulate medical learning. The content of the VoxelX platform is community based, so that all members can share their pre-validaed knowledge and cases either privately or publicly. And accordingly, by powering this platform with the blockchain, the team will be able to monetize the online content and create incentives to encourage radiologists both as publishers and validators in building and expanding the community of the platform. With the help of Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens the team was also able to design rewards algorithm that pays radiologists for every single even tiny submission and update of the contents and images of the platform. VoxelX will be launching a token called GRAY and it will be used mainly to finance building the content of the DICOM-Platform.


THE DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)
DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is standard for storing and transmitting medical images which will enable the integration of medical imaging devices such as scanners, servers, workstations, printers, network hardware, and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) from multiple manufacturers. It has been widely adopted these days by hospitals, and is making inroads into smaller applications like dentists’ and doctors’ offices.

The VoxelX Wallet

Every VoxelX registered user will have a wallet created and linked to their account. The VoxelX wallet will be linked with ranking system in the platform unlike traditional cryptocurrency wallets on the market. The more a user contribute to the platform, the more that user gets GRAY and they will be better ranked.

The VoxelX Community

The community of VoxelX is our real capital. The community according to the interest into learners, publishers and validators. All of them can interact with each other publicly or privately.

GRAY Token Sale

The total supply of VoxelX GRAY tokens that will ever be created is 10,000,000,000 (10 billion). The initial token amount is large in order to set a suitable price for micro-transactions which will occur on the platform. All GRAY tokens will be generated in a seed block and distributed as follows:

Token Sale: 45% of GRAY tokens will be sold in the initial GRAY token sale. The token sale will be composed of a private pre-ICO round for strategic and early investors followed by a public offering. The Tokens sold during the private and pre-ICO rounds will be discounted but subject to certain lockup restrictions.

VoxelX Foundation: The VoxelX foundation will hold 25% of GRAY tokens. These tokens will be used to finance and encourage the community of VoxelX to build the content of the platform through a rewards algorithm using the GRAY coins.

Early Investors and Bonuses: 10% of GRAY tokens will be held by early investors and bonuses for large purchases. Most of these tokens will be subject to lockup restrictions and release over time.

VoxelX Team and Founders: 20% of GRAY tokens will be retained by VoxelX and reserved for founders, team members. 20% of these tokens will be available after the initial offer with 20% being unlocked every 6 months thereafter.


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Birth of the VoxelX Idea

2014 - 2015
Initial Platform Development

December 2016
Beta Version launch of VoxelX Platform in RSNA,Chicago

For more information visit:
website: here
Whitepaper: here
Twitter: here
Telegram: here
ANN: here

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