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As Allah has made it for you to a new day,
May Almighty Allah remove everything that will cause you sorrow and sadness, and always multiply everything that will bring PEACE, HAPPINESS, JOY and GOOD HEALTH to you and your family today and always. Ameen

Ya Rabb! accept our du'a, protect our families and loved ones, bring happiness and joy to our lives, relieve our distress, forgive our Sins,the Sins of our parents,love ones and that of our offspring .And May Allah grant us the highest status of this life and highest rank of Aljannah! Ameeen summa Ameeen. Jummat kareem. Pls don't forget to read suratul khaf.

The Heart that believes and fears ALLAH Shall always have Peace & Contentment. May you and ur Family remain peaceful & contented forever. May Allah fulfil all our needs, may HE accept all our duas, remove our difficulties and Protect us from Shaytaan and all Evil..... Alhamdulillah it's Friday,remember the Sunnah's of the day.....

Jumu'at Mubarak



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