Diaries of a free and writer- is it my choice to be poor?

in #wafrica2 years ago

Is it my choice to be poor

Is it there choice to be poor?
The diaries of the modern world
Instigating the fear of the unknown
The waves of choice is like death
Inevitable for everyone and
Scared by the righteous
The choice I made is different from yours
But why did I really make this one
I wandered day in day out
I got wilthered, by the foes of my choice
But the question is?
When did I make this choice?
Was it in my nightmares or in a trance?
So many thoughts filled my brain
Are the rich supernatural
It's like they bought riches with money
But how do they get this money?
Did they earn it or work for it?
I guess they did earn
Because I worked day in day out
When I count my profit
I remember the pyramid of debts have built
Is it my choice to be really poor?
Or was I destined to be so?
If it was to be destined
Destined by who?
Is destiny a military regime?
Controlled by which empire?
What is destiny itself
That made me a choice I never knew about
Is it really my choice to be poor?
The noise of bosses messed my soul
And my wilthered spirits weeps for help
I keep asking so many questions
But will my wounded soul answer me
So many words left unsaid
An at the ease of comfort
The rich tramples on you
The filled stomach commands the empty tummy
Normally an hungry man should be angry..
But what's the essence of wounding what you can't kill
This words make me want to keep on
But the thought of choice is unforgotten
Even if I want to change my calling
Who is the network provider
Who is in charge of picking the calls
I mumbled in the darkness
I cried in the cold
Only to realize am in a desert
Alone with my thoughts
Even if I am to commit suicide
The fear of another choice of hell
Is hell even real?
Who has been there to testify?
But should I also give it a thought
What if it's real?
I think I should press on here on Earth
Here comes another choice


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