Oh southern African

in #wafrica2 years ago


The same blood runs through our veins
Same breast we sucked to attain growth
The same back we cuddled for warmth
Under the same roof, we found our comfort

Even though foreigners invaded our home
Yet in brotherhood, we kicked against them
We had the same dream and passion
To be free and self reliant and great

With collective efforts, we claimed our right
Now our dreams come to limelight
Our ambition we are both greatly achieving
The we both crave, in reality approaches

But now the bastard child shows his true colour
And we are falling apart gradually
The unity between us, you slaughtered
Our cherished comfort, you murdered

In our motherland, you construct boundaries
What belongs to both, you destroyed
Hatred for your brother, you cherished
Your brother's heart, you shattered into pieces

You massacre your brother's properties
Out of jealousy or what name have you for that?
You jeopardized the rights that belong to both
Where is the love and unity we once clamour for?

How callous you have become
baseless excuses you mutter
How ingrate you have become
Forgetting what once held us

Hear my advice, you sadistic brother
Mend your heart before your suicide
Right your wrongs to make things right
Because I'm coming for you

Here I drop my pen.. 🖊