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The more there is the ''assurance'' out there
The more the decadence 'ccupies our country 'ccupancy here: BEWARE!

Though its FUNKY honks sound fully for fun
But many more men be dying off
on those flaunting as don

As hopes
become misplaced for awry awe
When tadpoles lease its ground
to whale through its door

You'd shout that that is absurd and not worth to behold
And yet getting so into journal to sell self on on morn scared tired to bed so bold.

If such a fearless
scene could aid my soil
It would have been fine but it's just another smelling boil

Swelled up to make more lazy muscles sick
And make skirts dream nonsense with their brains tiny as stunted stem, stick

To my soil
Youth yonder for fame wanting wonders to be the game
Only few sit with fiery flame
with bare hands settling the fires right to rich their lame.

''assurance'' can crash tonight sitting alone on its light legs yes
but investment in lives not only last longevity but wears joyful dress.

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