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I would have used all sorts of metaphors that is
You are even bigger than all sorts, with simile that are
Hear me my Lord, everlasting water, the Emmanuel that is!
I, your son Emmanuel shall in every way that are
Profess you as the mightiest conception that is
Everything good there is, you are
You are everything good that is
From the dawn of time you are
You were there as His word that is
Nothing would have been that are
If not for your kindness that is
Without your graces that are
Your favour o'er us all that is
Would have finished o'er us all that are
Leaving us outside your mercy that is
Without you we are no one that are
For your peaces o'er us now that is
Your birth indeed is saving us that are
You who are powerful but of all places that are
You came to us all sinners in a manger that is
You are the true epitome of humility that are
But the thundering warrior to descend that is
You are the greatest in justices that are
As for your wills are light lighting that is
You are the only begotten Son standing that are
Mediating for us all petty impure persons that is
Without your assistances thorough that are
The world would have ended spinning by deluge that is
Sodom and Gomorrah did nothing compared to us that are
We Gomorrahy today as the world is more blackened that is
We should extol you for your passion n' patience that are
For the second chance given for redemption that is
Without which, which white calf or good goats that are
Would well be able to wash well our seas of sins that is
Glory be to you Jésù(s) the miraculous miracle that are
For your miracles from your moment of birth that is
Without you Miracles that are
How would I write well that is
Nothing belongs to no body that are
Everything we own is yours, that is
You can have mercy on whomever that are
You can do you cannot have mercy, that is
Your powers are limitless baba you are
You are the wonderful wonder that is
You are our provider of feeds that are
You're shield against torment that is
You who calmed the noises of the tossing waters that are
You who broke few fishes into zillions worth, that is
You are caring my Lord God that are
You are perfect my Lord God that is
You are the undead who cheated every death that are
Having come back light with eternal paradise that is
You are the fires and frosty breezes that are
You are the one who came to come back that is
You are the Jesus Christ of Nazareth that 'always' are.

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