Naija jagajaga

in #wafrica3 years ago

Atmospheres The politics gore via voice
Today reek bad Looters yet there ‘N’ rejoice
The thieves are Storing wealth in at least
Getting’ richer There - dug stores there in unity
Up there whilst Here, we eat plosive stones to mark
The poor bear Young soldiers fall o’er there her birth
The brunt bare In their own bloods facing fires no death
A-head on pins To chest they didn’t lit if check’d her pride
Caustic ground This lib is just constriction her fame
As money’s to every freedom got has fain her green
Ease our pains Our leader have their own her white But few feed… Blames as us too have a her oil
On and on on lots of duties to do her soil
It as a few fall Both the young, the... moil
Of toxic tussles Old tho’ let’s come on

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