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All of us have the privilege and responsibility of choosing our attitudes, no matter what circumstances or situations we find ourselves in. The word here is Choosing. Attitude doesn't just happen; they are the products of our choices.

Winston Churchill noted that "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." I couldn't agree more. All of us need "Attitude Adjustment" at times, so I say attitude adjustment is the result of changing the way we think.
If we keep out attitudes up and positive, we will continue to climb higher and higher in life and be able to soar. But if our attitudes are down and negative, we will fall and staying the ground of life, never to make journeys God intends for us or reach the destinations he has planned for us.


You may have heard the general saying that "your attitude determines your altitude." In other words, a positive attitude will cause you to fly high in life, while negative attitude will keep you down. I will be sharing with you some rules that you can follow in life that will keep your attitude positive so you can keep your altitude where it should be.

Rule 1: Maintain the right attitude when the going gets rough.

No matter what happens to you, determine to go through it with the right attitude. In fact, determine beforehand that you will keep a positive attitude in the midst of every negative situation that present itself to you.
If you make this decision and meditate on it during a good time in your life, then when difficulty arises you will already be prepared to maintain a good attitude.
No matter what difficulty you encounter, maintaining the right attitude will be much easier than regaining the right attitude, so as soon as you sense your attitude losing altitude, make an adjustment.

Rule 2: Realize the rough times won't last forever.

I have heard many people who live in parts of the world where there are four distinct seasons, let's talk about how much they winter, spring, summer and fall. They like the variety and the unique beauty, qualities, and opportunities of each season. The Bible tell us God himself changes times and season, we can see that in Daniel 2:21). Season's change, this is true in the natural world and it is true in regard to the seasons of our lives. It means that difficult times do not last forever. We may have "off" days, tough weeks, bad months, or even a year that seems to have more than its share of troubles, but every negative experience does come to an end.


Rule 3: Don't make major decisions during storm.

No ones entire life is like one big, long day. At some point we all face storms, whether they come in the form of unexpected illness, job loss, financial crisis, marital difficulties, problems with children, or any number of other scenarios there are stressful, intense and important. I have faced many storms in my life,If I have learned anything about weathering the storm of life, I have learned that they don't last forever, as I mentioned in Rule 2, and that if at all possible, indoor not need to make major decisions in the midst of them. When the storm of life arises, it is best to keep your mind and emotions as still as possible. Thought and feelings often run wild in the midst of crises, but those are exactly the times we need to be careful about making decisions. We must remain calm and discipline ourselves to focus on doing what we can do and trusting God to do what we cannot do.

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