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RE: Chased by a herd of cows

in #walking2 years ago

That IS odd. I wonder what on earth they were thinking. Maybe if the public footpath went through their pasture and they were constantly getting people and dogs walking through, perhaps they began feeling unsafe about it? That is really strange. Ive had them run up to eat, and run up to play before, but never just all decide to attack. Huh.
Just goes to remind us, all animals are unpredictable. Always be watchful, even with trusted pets. You never know when they are in pain or scared and might do something dangerous like bite, or in this case, go on a trampling spree. ;)
Glad you're okay!


Like this lovely beast who came trotting up to me a few months ago, just to say hello!
Highland coo near Malham sml.jpg
I think the weather sometimes spooks them. I've heard cows mooing like mad in a thunderstorm, and maybe they can hear or sense things that we can't, that freak them out.

Aww, he/she looks like a sweetie. :D
True, maybe it was the weather. They DO sense things we dont, and probably dont understand it, which would be scary.