Walking through the crazy New England weather!

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We are having quite the variety of weather. I took these pictures two weeks ago. Since then, I've had to go back in for more surgery (minor this time, but still recovering a bit). And since then, we've had heavy rains, winds, snow and more coming in a couple of days. Thought it was a good time to post these. I'm hoping to take a few more pictures after it snows again later this week!


They looked so happy in the pond on that day! Hope the ducks stayed safe during our windy weather a couple of days ago!


I'm dreaming of the warm weather and sitting on the bench at the pond for a bit. It'll be here soon, right?! Around the corner! Just not this week :(


Look how cute! Family time :))


I thought when this snow pile melted away, we wouldn't see anymore, but we will in a few days.


Planes enjoyed the good weather while it lasted.


Back home.


Signs of spring with ground cover popping up!

Those sprouts here and there give us enough hope for the good, happy, warm weather working its way over to us after this wind ends, and the snow comes and goes this week... maybe.


Keeping my fingers crossed I'll be wearing sandals a day or two here and there very soon. Are you?!


Sorry to hear you had surgery, I hope you recover fast! That wind storm was crazy! Kept me up most of one night lol! I’m lucky we didn’t lose our power too!

Thanks! It was a procedure to adjust the sling. Small but still surgery and still giving me trouble. Going to pick up an antibiotic in a bit. But I'm trying like crazy to recover asap! Thx!! :))

Yes, wind storm was crazy. What is happening to our weather? It's scary how the weather can get so violent! Glad you didn't loose power either! :)) Stay safe!

Oooh the spring weather is looking gorgeous, beautiful pond there btw!

Sorry to hear you've had yet another surgery? I'm glad it was minor and you are recovering well.

Let's take a hair dryer to that remaining snow pile shall we!

It was really nice then (2 weeks ago!). Today it is windy and cloudy. Snowed just a dusting earlier. But the temps are not too bad.

Many are without power here in NE. I am lucky to have it. My mom is waiting for her's to come back on in the home she's in. But they have limited power. No Tv, which she misses the most! lol

Thx, and yup, it was minor. ( snipping the sling). But still, some issues going on. But all in all, things are looking up!

haha, yup, a few of the residents with a powerful hairdryer might do it for that snow pile! ;) xoxo