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How to learn effectively

1. Learning is the process of interaction between learners, between learners and educators, and between participants and other learning resources in an educational environment that goes educatively, so that learners can build attitudes, knowledge and skills to achieve the goals set. The learning process is a process that contains a series of activities ranging from planning, implementation to assessment.

2. Learning model is a conceptual framework used as a guide in conducting learning systematically arranged to achieve learning objectives related to syntax, social systems, reaction principles and support systems (Joice & Wells). Meanwhile, according to Arends in Trianto, said "learning model is a planning or a pattern used as a guide in planning learning in the classroom.

3. Learning principles include: (1) learners are facilitated to find out, (2) learners learn from various learning sources, (3) learning process using scientific approach, (4) competency-based learning, (5) integrated learning , (6) learning that emphasizes divergent answers that have multi-dimensional truths, (7) aplicative skill-based learning, (8) improvement of balance, continuity, and linkage between hard-skills and soft-skills; (9) and empowering learners as lifelong learners, (10) learning that applies values ​​by elaborating (ingngarso sung tulodo), building willingness (ingmadyomangunkarso), and developing the creativity of the participants in the learning process (tut wurihandayani), (11) ongoing learning at home, at school, and in society, (12) utilization of information and communication technology to improve e (13) recognition of individual differences and the cultural background of learners; and (14) the learning atmosphere is fun and challenging.

4. Learning model refers to the learning approaches to be used, including instructional objectives, stages in learning activities, learning environments, and classroom management.