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Child birth is one of the things most couples are waiting for. Gratitude for the presence of your child, will make you so eager to soon hold aqiqah event after this birth. You and your spouse may have prepared various plans to hold aqiqah for your child, remembering this to be one of the happiest moments to be made after the baby's presence.

Aqiqah event will certainly need a number of funds that is quite large, and of course must be well prepared from the beginning. Do not until after the birth of your child, you just confused with aqiqah cost amount is not too small this. This needs to be considered from the beginning, considering the birth of the child has also required a considerable amount of costs. Beyond that, note also the cost of child care for the future that number is also not small.

If you and your partner have a limited amount of funds to hold aqiqah event, then it's good to make an event that is not too big, so that all can run smoothly in accordance with the ability of funds owned. This would be even more practical, holding a simple aqiqah event but still being wise with the presence of close people there.

No need to be embarrassed to hold this aqiqah event with a simple course, as long as the various processions in it have been in accordance with the provisions that should be. The most important thing is the purpose of the event can be achieved.