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Poverty is a situation where there is an inability to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health. Poverty can be caused by the scarcity of basic needs fulfillment, or the difficulty of access to education and employment. Poverty is a global problem. Some people understand this term subjective and comparative, while others see it in terms of moral and evaluative, and others understand it from an established scientific standpoint, etc.

Poverty is understood in different ways. Its main insights include:

A description of the material shortage, which usually includes daily food needs, clothing, housing, and health services. Poverty in this sense is understood as a situation of scarcity of basic goods and services.
A description of social needs, including social isolation, dependency, and inability to participate in society. This includes education and information. Social isolation is usually distinguished from poverty, because it includes political and moral issues, and is not limited to the economic sphere. This image of poverty is easier to overcome than the other two.
The description of the lack of income and wealth is adequate. The meaning of "adequate" here varies widely across the political and economic parts of the world. The description of this can be overcome by searching for a profit object outside the profession halally. Exceptions where the institution where they work prohibits.

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