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The word social comes from the Latin word 'socius' which means everything that is born, grows, and develops in the life together (Salim, 2002). Sudarno (in Salim, 2002) emphasizes the social notion of its structure, the order of social relations in society that places certain parties (individuals, families, groups, classes) in certain social positions based on a system of values ​​and norms that apply to a society at any given time.
It can be concluded that social is anything that concerns society that is born, grow, and growth in life together.
b. Social Coverage
Social coverage according to Sudarno there are two namely social interaction and social relations. Social interaction is defined as the interaction of social institutions, individuals, in a relationship controlled by a particular interest (Salim, 2002), while Soerjono Soekanto defines interaction as a reciprocal relationship between individuals and individuals, individuals with groups, and between groups and groups (Ibrahim, 2003). Social relations is a relationship between institutions, individuals of a general nature that has the basis of community activities (Soedarno in Salim, 2002).

c. Social Factors
Social factors according to Anderson include education and ethnicity (Muzaham, 1995), while Gottlieb (1983, in Kuntjoro 2002) mentions family support as a social factor. By adapting Anderson and Gottlieb's opinion, social factors are education, ethnicity, family support.