Walk with Me - Sometimes When You Wish for Rain... (Pics and Video)

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...You actually get some! We had a surprise pop-up thunderstorm last week that instantly cooled us off from the 90's to the 70's! It was pretty sweet.

I was cooking dinner. After a few hours the rain stopped. I took a walk around the yard to enjoy the coolness and to take some photos for you!

The clouds still looming overhead, which is perfectly fine. It kept it cool all the rest of the afternoon and evening on.

Our yard is full of puddles! I love it! We definitely needed this long rain.

My milkweed got a little squashed by how hard it rained, but they will be just fine. No worries.

A full birdbath!

The swirls of columbine seed pods

Stormie seems to have enjoyed the rain. She looks like she took a bath! It really helped cool her off.

Puddles down the driveway

Wet flowers, drinking the rain up

POP! There's another!

Mushroom mushroom

Merle's grave. The rabbits ate the red clover I planted there. I should have known better.

The Bear's bantams are enjoying the cooler weather. When you walk up to them at first they run to the back of the pen but in a few seconds they run back to you hoping for a pet, or a treat. Very friendly little birds.

Another puddle, this one from a large hole courtesy of Buttercup and Blossom.

Wood Ears on a log. These always pop up after a good rain.

A wet chicken...why are they always too dumb to seek shelter?

So that wasn't very exciting. It was pretty exciting at the time though because we really needed the rain and the cool air. It was, as my husband says, "About damn time."

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments, upvotes, resteems, polite waves, whatever! Later!

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Wondering if everything is okay @hether240. Missing your posts!

I remember 2 years ago when we had the drought, and the first real rain came. How delicious it felt and how the plants and earth just reveled in the wetness. Your post reminds me of that time so much.

We lived on Fort Carson during one of Colorado's droughts. Everything was so brown and dead. We had to get a permit to plant a garden. Weather sure can bring some crazy things. Thanks for coming by!

There's nothing better than a long gentle rain when the garden is all dry and dusty! Today it's raining here too! Yesterday I planted some wax beans and carrots so my timing was perfect...always love when that happens! Nice pics 🌻

Love it! ♥
Its been hot as can be here as well, and a thunderstorm can really cool things down... As long as the sun doesnt come back out and make everything muggy!

Gotta love wet chickens. They look ridiculous, but they just dont seem to care. :D

We were happy to get relief from that heat, too. I love that stove so much. And I have that exact same bird bath!

Here in north Idaho we think 40% humidity is "humid", but I remember my years in Minnesota, when 40% humidity was rather dry! We've had some "humid" days recently, and thundershowers. But that's how it usually is this time of year.

Where are you my friend? Missing your silliness and hoping you will be back. ❤️🐓🐓

Just checking again to see if you are back. I miss you and hope all is well!

Just checking in to say "hello" to @hethur240. Hope all is well; miss your posts!

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