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RE: Walking through the crazy New England weather!

in #walkwithme4 years ago

Oooh the spring weather is looking gorgeous, beautiful pond there btw!

Sorry to hear you've had yet another surgery? I'm glad it was minor and you are recovering well.

Let's take a hair dryer to that remaining snow pile shall we!


It was really nice then (2 weeks ago!). Today it is windy and cloudy. Snowed just a dusting earlier. But the temps are not too bad.

Many are without power here in NE. I am lucky to have it. My mom is waiting for her's to come back on in the home she's in. But they have limited power. No Tv, which she misses the most! lol

Thx, and yup, it was minor. ( snipping the sling). But still, some issues going on. But all in all, things are looking up!

haha, yup, a few of the residents with a powerful hairdryer might do it for that snow pile! ;) xoxo

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