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Friends Share Well - Cancer, kidney failure, stroke, tuberculosis, and diabetes, ie 5 major illnesses marked by decreased albumin in the blood until the sufferer must obtain infusion of albumin. The albumin infusion is useful for improving blood osmotic pressure initially decreased (less than the standard body albumin of 3, 55, 5 g / dl) to cause swelling or edema in some specific faceted bodies. In patients with renal failure, for example, swelling is apparent in the legs.
Infusion of albumin is actually a medical therapist in enhancing albumin in the body because it is initially down (hypoalbumin). But there are other steps with nutrition therapy by giving the albumin cork fish in the form of fresh, capsule, gel, or liquid.
Chana striata cork fish except has a large amount of albumin content, also has zinc (Zn) which acts in the treatment of wounds.
Therefore people in Makassar, South Sulawesi or Dayak tribe in West Kalimantan and South Kalimantan began to use longish fish (cork fish in local bhs) to heal circumcision wounds in children and maternal wounds after delivery.
Albumin cork also contains the most important amino acid compounds for the body such as arginine, lysine, vialin, isoleusi, histidin, and glutamine. Well glutamine, for example, performs actions within the body in the body of the immune system to help speed up the treatment of wounds. Usually the presence of amino acids is most important for the formation of some new cells and change some damaged cells in the body.
Some problems of cancer patients, kidney failure, stroke, tuberculosis, and diabetes who have done nutritional therapy with cork fish albumin give satisfactory conditions. For example, Amir Hamdan in Bandung West Java. Amir which started from 3 th. then sentenced to suffer from cancer of the bladder should have chemotherapy as one between preventing some of the tumor cells in the body from developing.

Fresh consumption recipe:

Prepare 2 kg of cork fish, clean.

Steamed fish cork for 3040 minutes with no heating temperature more than 50 degrees Celsius.
Separate the meat and bones, then juice the meat with water pickup.
Size 2 kg of cork can for 34 days consume. Juice in the form of juice drink 2 times a day, ie morning around 07:00 and evening at around 18. 30. Through the general step albumin with fresh consumption can reach the normal period of 56 days consume.

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