Here are a few photos from my walks this week!

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20200821_190310 1.jpg20200821_190228.jpg20200821_190238 2.jpg20200821_190243 1.jpg

It's been a super rough couple of weeks for our family. My husband received a terrifying diagnosis of Advanced Cancer and so far we are still in the diagnostic phase. There will be radiation and Chemo involved, but we don't have a full plan yet.

Taking walks, enjoying the beauty and trying to keep life somewhat normal are some of the steps we are taking to deal with stress.

Add a beautiful photo in the comments if you so desire.



Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, spend some good time together!

Enjoy the walks to de-stress and to enjoy nature.

That is a frightening diagnosis. Wishing you the best as you and your husband face it together. Remember to take care of yourself, too.

Thanks for the photos. It does look like a peaceful area for your walks.

It's difficult to say something smart in this kind of situation, my friend.

You have a nice family. Stick together.


Hang on.


Man, if there's anything I can do please do let me know. You and @roundhere are some of my favorite people I met here. Best wishes!

I wish you, your husband and your family a lot of strength in these difficult times.


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Take care reading from Philippines negros

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