Greg Hunter - Alex Newman Interview (10/17/2021): Deep State Cannot Stop Unprecedented Awakening

in #warlast month

This is some good news...we need it!!! Make no mistake this is a fight to the finish. Don't make the mistake of thinking when you get these people on the ropes and beat the hell out of them or knock them out, that the referee will raise your arm up as the announcer call the winner....NO!!! This is a fight to the death.....people are fighting for their life.

Nuremburg type crimes with convictions equal death sentence or life sentence and treason convictions have same consequences....for a lot of Deep State people this is for their life. On the other side....if the Deep State wins, they will take over total control of our life...tyrannical control in which we are peasants and they are royalty....this is a situation I will fight against to the fullest extent. People will only take so much bullshit and I am one of those. We can can try to resolve it in courts and elections (if no fraud involved), but if tyranny wins in these arenas, the battle will go kinetic...not a threat...just a prediction. If it gets to this point it will be death for people on both sides....casualties happen on both sides. So, like I said, this is a life or death fight...there is no saying, "good game guys" when the dust settles.

My advice...fight like hell in the courts and elections before fight goes kinetic and prepare for kinetic. If kinetic is last resort, you better get mad-dog mean.

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