Mark Dice - Parents Have Finally Had Enough, and Are Doing Something About It

in #war2 months ago

I'm glad parents are getting involved. It's not is parents taking back control over their children and that is exactly what these Lefty lunatics are afraid of.....losing control of your children and the ability to program them to be good little submissive Libtards. There it is again....the word "control". If they control the children...future voters and supporters, then they control the political domain. If you believe the definition of politics is: who gets what, then the people controlling things at the top of the lunatic left political model will always get what they want and screw the rest of us.

Don't believe this??? All you have to do is take a look at what Hunter Biden gets away with....getting millions of dollars from China for selling access to his Dad, screwing under age girls, and more. One set of laws for us and another set of laws for Hunter and his ilk.....That blind lady of justice is not so blind in their their system she has 20/20 vision and no scales in hand. Instead of scales she is handing Hunter a crack pipe with one hand and a pistol to our head with the other hand.

You must see why they are cracking down.....this parent movement is endangering their future political power monopoly. The FBI moving so quickly and openly on this to chill the speech of parents is a 100% indicator this is a big time threat to them. KEEP GOING PARENTS!!!

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