Secret War: Alliance v Cabal = Possible Nuclear Threat?

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Secret War: Alliance v Cabal

"Biblical war between Alliance (good) and Cabal/Deep State/Swamp (bad)

Modern conflict begins in early 1950s (Cold War) with President Eisenhower

Alliance has made several unsuccessful attempts to bring down Cabal"


Use of nukes to end a war = WWII

"Of what is to come in the next few years, the continuation of World War II, which never ended but rather was paused."


Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Fukushima)

"The tsunami was caused by nuclear bombs in the sea and the Fukushima explosion and meltdown was caused by mini-nukes hidden in cameras installed by an Israeli security firm"

"Having regard to the fallen soliders of JAPAN who sacrificed their lives in World War II to free humanity from usury" (See Below)

"WWIII or the Global Currency Reset"

"Coalition for rule of law has 90 % likelihood to take down Network of Global Corporate Control"

"former Russian National Security Advisor, General Aleksander Lebed. Lebed claimed that the former Soviet Union had not only manufactured but had lost track of perhaps 100 of a very frightening weapon: a nuclear bomb in a casing which made it appear to be a small suitcase, designed to be detonated by a single operator with as little as a single half-hours notice. Lebed claimed that the devices had a yield of 1 kiloton (equivalent to 1000 tons of TNT), measured 60 x 40 x 20 centimetres (24 x 16 x 8 inches) and, prior to the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, had been distributed to members of the GRU (foreign military intelligence directorate)."

Major cities nuked simultaneously = the beginning of WWIII?

"Hodges writes to the Chinese government through the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Zhang Yesui."

"the Chinese Elders have made it clear that if the US did not release the Secured Websites by 9 am EDT Thurs. 2 July they would finish the Global Currency Reset without the US."

"The New U.S. Treasury is located on an Indian Reservation in Nevada, as Indian Reservations are Free Trade Zones"

Agenda 21: Population Forced To Move Into Cities


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