Update From @cecicastor , taken from my DM's on discord.

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As most of you know our good friend @cecicastor is living in Nicaragua and the country is falling apart even more each day. The following is a direct message from Ceci I received on discord. I am sharing it here so you can read in her own words what is taking place down there. Please keep her and her family in your prayers if you would.

From @cecicastor:

"I have managed to get a phone although it is very simple I at least can keep in touch with my son and granddaughter. Things here get continually worse. Water is being cut off in intervals of a few days at a time. Same for electricity. Monday the power went out out for 36 hours. No power no internet. The Internet is being given throttled and we have many days of none. Food prices continue to skyrocket as do medicines if you can buy them. Doctors are working illegally as the government fired them all for nonsupport."
"The grandfather of the people that are living with me passed away and we needed to bury him as the funeral homes are closed. I will try to get to a computer soon so I will do an up date post if I can. Yesterday they were testing canons close by. The whole house shook and everyone was terrified. They are gearing up for a much bigger war than we have. Army trucks were on the road let night at two thirty . And they have been testing sirens too."
"I need to go now, but I will try to stay in touch. Thanks for your support my friend. pray heart"

Please share this with all your friends that may know Ceci.
All earnings from this post will be donated to her.


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I've not heard from @cecicastor for so long; I was worried that things had taken a turn. What a messed up world to say the least. Sending big hugs her way; thank you so much for doing this @sultnpapper ... this is the true purpose of steemit <3

Thanks for your support Lynn. She is great person and I knew that there would be people that would want to know her status. I also figured she couldn't contact everyone so I felt it needed shared for sure.
This may not be the true purpose for steemit but it certainly is useful for this situation for sure.

You're most welcome, and you're right ... I'm sure there's plenty who wondering about her and her family.

Ok, how about one of the true purposes ? :)

I think one of the true purposes is to get us out from under the control of central banks and government controlled money. There may have been a time and need for them in the past, but no longer. They have proven to be nothing more than a bunch of greedy bastards that operate with only their greed in mind and with complete backing of the governments who they control with lobby money and bribes. That would be my top one "true" purpose if I had to come up with a list.

Horrible situation, maximum support given. It's not much, but every bit counts...

Thanks @bengy , she is a great lady in a tuff situation. I am glad that the entire #steemitblogger community is getting behind her in support.

Thank you for keeping us updated, I've been thinking about @cecicastor a lot, must be terrifying living like that! Will keep her and the people of Nicaragua in my prayers.

Thanks you for the support and prayers for her and the people in Nicaragua. That situation has to be just a terrible existence to be living in for sure.

Prayers to her.

Thank you so much.

My pleasure!

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Oh wow this is awful! :( Sending prayers and full support over there. Such a destructive world we live in

It is awful for sure, thanks for your support.

I hope they are OK . Not a good situation to say the least

The situation has been in steady decline for the last eight months that I am aware of and it continues to get worse.

Bloody hell, what a dire situation and @zen-art said it well. Sending my positive thoughts over to the people over there.

Thanks Nicky, your support is very much appreciated.

I haven't heard from her in so long; or saw any posts coming from her.
Her, her family and the people within her compound are continuously in my thoughts.

Thank you for the update

Thank you, they need all the positive thoughts and prayers they can get right now.

I have been @cecicastor and what is happening there is mortifying. The propaganda media obviously don'r mention a word about this which is not surprising. I mention it to a friend and they we completely clueless the state of the modern world we are only told what they want us to here.

Makes me think I need to buy those solar panels I have been wittering on about for years just in case. Also find a way to get the internet when the exchanges go down. I've slacked on my prepping which is not good.

Sending loads of reiki vibes to @cecicastor and Nicaragua in general 💯🐒

I'm quite surprised at the lack of mainstream media coverage on this. Why don't we know how bad things are? Why are we not rallying aid for these people?

The government does not care therefore don't get it published in the media 💯🐒

Thanks for the update. I have not chatted with her in a while. Before all this esculated we continually encouraged her to return to Canada her home country, but she is brave and chose to stay on to wait for her son and help others. She is so courageous. Praying for all with her to remain well and her safe departure to Cananda. @sultnpapper thanks for doing this for @cecicastor written from alt account for @rebeccabe

Yes, had her son been able to get to the family compound before all hell broke lose I think they would have gotten out of there but that didn't happen. So now it is really desperate times down there and they need all the prayers we can give.

I pray everything will turn out better at her place. Thank you for doing this for Ceci, @sultnpapper.

It is the least I can do for her, she has been a loyal friend of mine and the Daily Dose for quite a while and she has a great following on here as well. I know she wanted to get the word out and so I will continue to update her situation as I hear from her.
Your prayers are much appreciated, thanks.

Send in the 82nd Airborne! Worked last time!

Something has to change for sure, the 82nd might be one temporary solution but we have been involved in these types of situations way to many times and it never seems to work out like it should.

@sultnpapper thanks for highlighting such serious issue..on the ground of humanity we must stand together and help whatever we can. Just praying for her well being.... @cecicastor wish everything setlle down well without much loss....take care

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Is there even any humanity left in this world? I know there is some but no where near enough for sure.
Your prayers and thoughts are very much appreciated.

I guess not 100 % died...few still left

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Yes, nowhere near enough though, hopefully that will change.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

It really is sad. Thanks for your support.

Sending prayers.

Thanks. Your prayers and support are very much appreciated.

Thank you for sharing too.

voted at 100%

i also got this message from her, am always worrying her :-/

I wasn't sure how many people she was able to get this message out to and I didn't see where anyone else had shared it so I figured it would be best to share it. She has a lot of friends and supporters that needed to be informed of her situation. Thanks for the support for her.

My heart and prayers @cecicastor. I do hope things make a positive turn for everyone.

Thank you, very much appreciated.

Wow! Heavy days!! This really breaks my heart! Sending much love and strength @cecicastor 💕💙🌈

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Thanks for your support for Ceci, very much appreciated.

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All this is hard, I would not wish it to anyone. She must be strong.

She is a very special lady and strong for sure. If you haven't read any of her reports before I might suggest you go check out some of last posts she had been able to make that described how just a shopping trip for groceries is a life and death situation down there where see is living.
Thanks for your support for her.

Oh wow! That can't be easy living. I hope this person is able to get back online soon, and may God relieve some of the stress of living in such a place. I just gave it a full upvote. It's not much, but I hope it helps.

It is really bad there for sure, even just a trip to purchase groceries is literally a life and death situation as she has described previously. Your support is much appreciated.
The government is making it harder and harder for the people to get messages out each day so all we can do is pray that things will improve and have faith it will.

Amen to that! We often don't think of these things in the West, especially here in the U.S. We take our creature comforts for granted, forgetting that most of the rest of the world don't have them.


Nicaragua ... Venezuela ... the whole region is disintegrating. Ceci, hang in there.


Thanks for the support Quill. That whole region is disintegrating and prayers and support for that entire region are definitely needed.

Ortega-ism is at its peak. Sometimes, when hearing and reading what is going on in some countries I have to remind myself that no, you did not travel through time. Sometimes it does not feel like it is 2018. Cecicastor and the people around her are in my thoughts. I do hope that all will be good soon or at least a bit better. 💚

Thanks, it is a sad state of affairs for sure there.

Sending lots of love and light <3

Thanks very much for your support.

so sorry to hear that it is getting so bad!! I hope they will be safe - or able to get out...

Your support is very much appreciated Marianne. I don't see her and her family getting out anytime soon so we need to pray for their safety for sure.

@sultnpapper ~ Do you know if she is able to cash-out any Steem or SBD that are sent to her?

I am not sure at this point if she is able to or not. The system is so broken down there right now and she didn't indicate one way or the other. Hopefully she will be able to but it may be that she can trade locally with it since the banking system is in total disarray now.
I know people in Venezuela are able to do that as their banking system is totally screwed right now as well.

it is needed for resteem, so many more will pray, I hope the peace will come soon for the country. Thank you @sultnpepper for sharing this story to us. #steemitbloggers

Thanks for your support @el-nailul , very much appreciated. She is a very well liked member of the #steemitbloggers community and I felt this had to be shared so all the members know just how bad things have gotten down there since she has had to quit posting and can only get limited messages out using discord.

Oh my what a tough time to be in for @cessicator! This is very kind of you @sultnpapper :) I pray for things to smoothen out in the country and peace be upon her.


So scary, I will continue to pray for Ceci and her family. Terrible things are happening over there...when will it end Thanks @sultnpapper for keeping us in the loop!

What an absolute nightmare. We don't know how lucky we are, living in peaceful countries.

I can't claim that I live in a peaceful country, the US is anything but peaceful, we just aren't fighting any wars here at home except fake wars like drugs and terror. Which it seems that we can't ever win the war on drugs, especially when the CIA is one of the biggest drug running operations in the world and has been for quite some time.
People should be asking why US troops are stationed in Pakistan protecting poppies fields if we really want to fight drugs? I have talked with several veterans that had that tour of duty. They have figured out what is going on now and are pretty upset that they have been played for suckers.
I can't say for sure about Scotland and being peaceful but I'll take your word for it. Like wise you should take mine on the US and how we operate.

Yes - I should have said relatively peaceful!

Teaches us not to complain, someone in the world is having a tougher time than we would even like to consider.

Thoughts are with Ceci through these terrible times.


Very true, thanks for your support for her.

Glad to get an update from her. Things do sound like they're getting pretty bad and it's crazy (but not really) that we hear nothing about it.

Yes, it had been a while since we have heard from her so even though the news wasn't "good news" it was sure good to know that they are still alive, at least her immediate family anyways.

Thanks very much for relaying this update from @cecicastor, @sultnpapper. It's good to hear from her, in spite of all they're going through down there. I can only hope that she continues to stay safe. Please do continue to relay any other information she might give you, and I will try to monitor her account better, too. Without internet service, that makes all of this very tough.

I would hope that they would try to do something about leaving the country, but that's probably not a safe thing to do now, either. And she has a lot of peoples she's trying to stay alive to care for, too.

We'll just have to keep hoping for a quick resolution to this even though it appears the exact opposite is happening.

I will continue to update as I hear from her , it is very infrequent at the moment. All we can do right now is pray for her and the family and for a quick resolution to the situation.

What an awful situation. Please keep us posted. @cecicastor keeping you and your family safe in our thoughts.
Visiting from #steemitbloggers

I intend to keep the #steemitbloggers community updated as I hear from her. Thanks for the support for her and her family.

Many people complain about the problems in their government and their country, however, most of those complainers have no idea how good they truly have it... More people should look outward, if for no other reason than to realize gratefulness for their own situation.

My thoughts and prayers go out to @cesicastor and others who are experiencing troubling times through no fault of their own <3

Thanks for your support for Ceci. People might very well call me a complainer as I constantly point out things that are just flat out wrong here in the USA, and for good reason. I don't want this country ending up like the others that do have it a lot worse off then we do.
A lot of lives have been given to make this a great country in the past and it is going down hill in my opinion, at some point if things don't change we will end up in the same boat as countries like where Ceci lives.
I do look outward and see what is going on in other countries and that is why I speak up and try to educate people on just how we are going down the wrong path.
I am grateful for what we have, but we need to work to protect it, rights and liberties, otherwise we may very well end up with others praying for our safety...

"we need to work to protect it, rights and liberties, otherwise we may very well end up with others praying for our safety..." Well said.