Send out the clarion call.

in #warriorslast year

Row row row your boat, little one.
We're coming for your gold and jewels.
Moving like a shadow through the moors.
Not very pretty in the warpaint but we sure know how to cut clean.

In the end..

It's not our fault.

We're just competing for the visions..

Harlequins dancing through the sky...

Valkyries never swoop down far enough to grasp.

This silver palace will never echo with the roars of warriors.
We only howl for the moon.
This is our time, our place, our famine.
And how we hunger for the blood and stones.

I got the fable down on the runic stone.
Fathers sword and fine maiden to shield me from harm.
The zig and the zog won't spark till the final strike.
I call nay on the fallen, we will never crawl.

We come for you all!!!
Join our hunting lodge, or perish.
My friendly smile will slash your throat.

Blood for the blood god.

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