The water of the heart changes regularly (Video)

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Tourists' curiosity does not end with the game of color change in the waters of the Kelimutu volcano in Indonesia. A few months ago, when the color of the water was white, turquoise was blue and red, after a few months it stood black, turquoise blue and coca colored brown in color. It is not known today that its mystery

The color of Tiu Ata Mepu is generally blue in the west end of Kelimutu. And the color of two lakes Tieu Nuova Muri Ku Fi and Tiyu Ata Polo are green and red respectively. But this color does not always have one. Often they change color.

The lake water sometimes turns black in exchange for change. A few months ago, when the watercolor was white, turquoise was blue and red, after a few months, it stood black, Firoza blue and Coca-Cola Brown. This is the 2009 incident.

Again, in 2010, the color of the three lakes of the lake became green as three types of shades.

Experts say that the bacteria, shawls, etc. that are responsible for the watercolor of the water bodies are responsible for this. The color-mysteries of the Millimetre lakes but do not walk towards it. Many people believe that volcanic gas has some role behind this color. But this is not certain about this.