eCreditCoin: Earn 2% Proof Of Stake Rewards Weekly with EasyStake!

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eCreditCoin is a token that runs on WAVES. This post created by the core team probably explains it a lot better. In this post I will explain one of the ways of earning passive income with eCredit. It is real easy to get started, just follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to WavesPlatform If you don't have any sign in info, create a new account. Remember to save your password and to write down in paper any information and seed words they give you, just in case.

  2. Once inside, either deposit some WAVES, or deposit Bitcoin / Litecoin then buy WAVES.

  3. In the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) available at WavesPlatform, look up the pairs eCredit / WAVES (in their search, type eCredit). Or follow this direct link:
    Once there, buy at least 300 eCredits (or more to earn more).

  4. Now that you have bought eCreditCoins, just keep them in your WavesPlatform wallet. Go to and input your WAVES wallet address from WavesPlatform (they normally start with the letters 3P). By doing this, you will be part of the weekly rewards given by EasyStake. Remember to keep at least 300 eCreditcoins (or more if you want to earn more!) at all times. Now you can logout of WavesPlatform if you want. No need to keep wallet open for staking, it is all done online automatically.

  5. Enjoy!

NOTE: Only provide wallet addresses from WavesPlatform. If you use a WAVES address from an online exchange, you will most likely never receive your reward tokens.


This looks interesting. After some investigation, I have a question:

If I use the EasyStake service, I can get 2% weekly. But I found that if I keep my coins in the main eCreditCoin site, I get 3% weekly. Why is there a difference between the two options?

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