WAVES: As the Crypto Currency Market attracts more attention WAVES moves to Ranked No. 17 with a Market Capital of $368 million.

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With a Total Market Capital of slightly under $100 billion the Crypto Currency Market has witnessed an explosion in attention over the last 3 months and WAVES has been no exception.

Ranked No. 17 and with a Market Capital of approx. $368 million, a BUY alert signal was triggered at the end of May and this saw a meteoric rise in the price.

Currently we have a HOLD recommendation on WAVES and will monitor it over the next few weeks.

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Never heard about WAVES before, i will study more about it.. Thanks @stephenkendal for sharing this new crypto, your posts are always very knowledgeable for crypto enthusiast.

You are very welcome. Thanks as always for your continued support. Most people I talk too have never heard of WAVES so I thought it would be a great idea to share. For me there is a two horse race. BITCOIN vs STEEM but we must also remember what other coins are out there. Stephen

Shared on twitter. Stephen

I had been HODL waves for a long time...SODL a few days ago. I like the idea, platform, and wallet. But, man....price has been crashing hard, and lots of competitors popping up.

How much have they raised on icos this year.

Have you found any info on how their chain works compared to Bitshares and ethereum and etc?

Will wave move up and surpass steem?

Waves is a really promising longterm project, their platform already has some usecases which is great. I foresee it to never leave top20 ever again.

Waves vs Steem

Always Steem baby!

Steem on!

Thanks for this, going to look more into waves right now, could be an interesting investment

You are very welcome. Stephen

Thanks for your analysis on the Wave coin. It is one-off the lesser known coins for us crypto newbies but if Steemians like you are following it then perhaps I need to look at investing in Wave. Thanks


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feelin wavey

Waves has really been struggling recently but currently, it is at a bargain price to buy it.
Let's see if it will start going up again.

Waves has bright future. I regret not buying at 20 cents.

As always, useful information @stphenkendal thankyou

So Waves HODL, price will rise a lot in the future cuz this coin really have a big potential.

Thanks for the information :)

You are very welcome. Stephen

I do not really understand crypto but after I read your post. All so interesting Thanks

Thanks for calling my attention to WAVES, I'm going to research on it now. Looks promising :)

Waves will keep comming.. buy at the low!

Waves will make big market waves in the future.

Thanks for your nice information~~