Timeline Split: Are your Doomsday thoughts contributing to a Apocalyptic Timeline?

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Many of us understand that we are living in a holographic universe and that we create holographic timelines with every decision we make. What we often don't understand is how this actually plays out in the collective field of human thoughts.

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There is much talk recently about a Timeline Split happening on Earth. The old 3-D Grid is segmented, fractured and worn out. This is no secret, we all know that earth is in trouble - when viewed from the Media's perspective. These collective thoughts that earth is dying or that the human species will be wiped out creates a 'mist cloud' if you like. Each contributing human that think along the lines of an apocalypse, thickens the 'mist cloud' and secures/manifest a timeline in place for this apocalypse to occur.

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Many humans, however, see a different future for earth playing out. Many can see that there is an actual shift happening in the consciousness of the human race. People are pushing for more ethical behaviour from corporations and governments and getting results. The internet has brought about a visibility that takes away much of the corrupt, power-driven behaviour that went unnoticed before.

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The enormous growth of the wellness industry is proof that people are willing to make the changes necessary to create a better life for themselves and thus ultimately, a better life for us all. This is the grandness of the concept of a holographic universe, one small alchemical transformation of darkness into light, automatically reflects in the whole. It's the idea of the micro and macro cosmos reflecting itself.

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The war between good and evil is no longer being played out on the physical battlefield, now it is an internal war. Each of us is being called to be the Heros and Heroines of our own battle. Each of us must find the root causes of our unconscious behaviour and transmute it into the Light.

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This unconscious behaviour is the thinking patterns that we have imprinted from the collective mind/media, society, schools etc. These often do not serve your own highest expression of yourself and thus dims your light. When you bring these to your awareness, you can change your perspective and call back your empowerment. Breaking free from the collective media-controlled-mind that wants to steer you on an apocalyptic path.

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The new timeline that is being created is formed by lightworkers who are reactivating the sacred sites around the world. They are also actively engaged in remembering the ancient wisdom and bringing it to us to remember who we are. This is the alchemical process of calling back your soul fragments that are stuck in parallel timelines created from past traumas.

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Many talks about old/ancient souls that are currently on earth to assist in the creation of the new timeline. Many of these ancient souls are bringing forth wisdom in the form of higher dimensional frequencies to assist humans to resonate with the new timeline. As this new timeline is being created, it becomes easier for people to create the life that is in resonance with their higher self.

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To measure if you are in resonance with the old apocalyptic timeline or the new earth timeline, review your daily thoughts and activities: are you mostly involved with transformational work/co-creating a new way of being - for yourself or for all of us to be free

OR are you mostly engaged in old 3D activities pertaining to greed and power?

Claim back your vote, vote for the new earth, and so it will be.
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PS: Next Post: Chiron -The Wounded Healer: Blueprint for the New Earth Timeline and the key to unlocking your potential


WOW! You kept me rivetted from the headline to the end! How important it is to uncover out light and let it shine!
It almost sounds like something out of a science fiction movie! The matrix or something! But what you are explaining feels so real...

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Thank you @wildwanderer. The light is shining the way forward. Follow yours.

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