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Petroleum and gas are very helpful human resources. Aceh is one of the world's largest oil and gas producers. North Aceh became one of the founding places of giant companies such as Mobil Oil, Exxon mobile and now Pertamina.

Natural wealth contained in the earth's stomach of Aceh as if will never end. Recently based on research conducted after the tsunami in Aceh, in Seumulu Aceh there is more oil and that is ready to be taken.

According to research the content of petroleum and gas in the bay of Sabang reach billions of barrels even become the largest in the world. Hopefully with the emergence of oil and gas content of this Aceh increasingly advanced and prosperous. So my post this time about Aceh natural wealth is oil and gas, may be useful for all friends steemit.




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Petroleum and gas has been one of the biggest scams in human history, perhaps only surpassed by the fiat money banking cartel.

  • Do your citizens directly receive anything for the oil and gas taken from under your soil?
    • You might be interested in the part of this post where I talk about Lindsey Williams, the author of The Energy Non-Crisis.

Thanks for sharing this info @sulairusydi.
I was not aware you had such big reserves of oil!

you are right @coolfish .. what we really love is often residents who are around the location of oil and gas drilling do not receive the benefits, whereas under the bed they take it .. Thanks also .. Regards ..

No doubt Petroleum and gas are very helpful human resources. These natural resources make a country rich. Country's prosperity depends on these.

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