Anonymous (ANON) : Advancement of the technology of both the Bitcoin and ZClassic blockchain through a co-fork of both cryptocurrencies

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ANON is a brand new privateness centric cryptocurrency that objectives to deliver a cryptographic medium of change that enables seamless, surprisingly non-public, secure and anonymous transactions. ANON combines ZClassic with the Bitcoin blockchain thru a co-fork of both cryptocurrencies.


ANON goals to advance the technology of both Bitcoin and ZClassic the use of a co-fork of each cryptocurrency. In principle, the aim is to offer ZClassic style anonymity mixed with the reliability of the bitcoin blockchain. Other precise features on ANON encompass masternode staking, expanded block sizes, and an obvious improvement process.

The ANON crew sees Bitcoin and ZClassic as two remarkable advances in cryptocurrency. But, both techniques can be advanced. That’s ANON desires to create a fork that mixes the fine capabilities of each coin.

ANON Features

  • Real Decentralization
    ANON will use the Proof-of-Work algorithm equihash, which they claim offers real decentralization.

  • ZK-Snarks
    Zero knowledge proof protocol integrates true anonymity and achieves the integrity and privateness of the transactions by means of the usage of the ANON. Unlike Bitcoin that's pseudonymous, ANON’s transactions might be completely anonymous.

  • Community Driven
    ANON targets to apply a multi-tiered advertising approach to reach those who aren’t yet acquainted with blockchain era developing a Community Driven technique to crypto investing.

  • Masternodes
    Masternodes is the new mining, manner cooler and costs pleasant than mining. Masternodes and staking rewards is every other very thrilling topic particularly for individuals who do now not need to get concerned with mining when you consider that it's miles greater efficient and saves on a lot of costs such as hardware, electricity and maintenance costs. With Bitcoin nameless, you get rewarded for staking your coins and strolling the node. The distribution of rewards between miners and Masternodes will take place within the ratio of 65%:35% respectively.

  • Exchange Support
    ANON group claims to be engaged in active discussions with a number of the best quantity crypto exchanges in the world today, despite the fact that they do not want to mention the names of any of these exchanges.

  • Transparency
    ANON ambitions to offer transparency through everyday Q&A sessions and discussion with developers.

The ANON distribution and allocation are carried out, it might be apparent that there could be a few ANON balance. As of January 1st 2019, each ANON in order to no longer has been claimed can be burnt. Which means that the unclaimed ANON can be sent to a public deal with that does not have a private key, which means no person can get admission to the ANON in this wallet address. Coin burns do have a massive impact and are many of the types of fundamentals that I like to categorize as big importance fundamentals. In reference to the rule of thumb of call for delivery, every time there's a high demand, the price will increase and each time there is high deliver, fee reduces. reduce deliver and increase demand.


ANON became founded with the aid of Jake Greenbaum, who calls himself The Crypto King. Jake claims to be well known in the crypto community.


ANON was distributed ANON to all holders of ZClassic and Bitcoin on the time of the snapshot. The snapshot was scheduled to take vicinity on September 10, 2018. in case you hold Bitcoin or ZClassic on that date, you received ANON. ANON distributed their tokens in a 2:1 ratio with ZClassic and 1:1 ratio with Bitcoin.

ANON turned into a Bitcoin and ZClassic co-fork launched in August 2018 with a testnet, with a mainnet launched going on on September 10. Coins were distributed through airdrop to all token holders who preserve Bitcoin and ZClassic at the time of the snapshot, which is also scheduled to take vicinity on September 10.



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