Introducing #WeAreOne | A Way To Building Micro-Communities for Creators On Steem

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1Ramp is a Steem Powerd Social Media for creators. On 1Ramp, you can join communities of your interest out of the available eight: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel. We are on a mission to bring all creative communities on Steem in one place where people can collaborate, grow, and inspire.
1Ramp is Available on Google Play and Web.


Hey there,

Before talking about WeAreOne, we'd like to tell you a story.

Ever since we have been building 1Ramp, we wanted to talk openly about the vision and why we chose a community-centric model as the base. When we discovered Steem, we were trying to figure out what is the right model to fit on top of it. The @steemitblog,, @dtube, @utopian-io, @steepshot and many other apps on Steem were already doing a good job.

Our goal was, to build an app that empowers creators and helps them leverage the benefits of Steem ecosystem and the blockchain. Also, we wanted to build it on the core principles of Steem, i.e. a platform that can be used by anyone as they own it. Just like anyone can build on top of Steem, we were brainstorming a way through which anyone can benefit without even have to build an app or without writing a line of code. You can think of it as a Shopify on top of Steem.

Traditionally, there are two ways to do it: 1) Generalized Platform vs. 2) Niche Platform

The generalized platforms are not for one specific audience, they are equipped with generals tools for anyone to use as per the needs, for example, @dtube. The niche platforms are built for a specific audience, they provide tools and features that are best suited for the limited purpose, for example, @steemhunt.

So, numerous sessions of design sprints and days of brainstorming took us to another approach and we built 1Ramp: One place for all the creative communities. It is neither a generalized nor a niche platform, but it is one of its kind.

Now is the time, we open it for everyone on Steem (on the ideology), in a way that we share the benefactor rewards, let people get visibility, and form connections with fellow community members.

1. What is #WeAreOne?

WeAreOne is 1Ramp's initiative to give all micro-communities on Steem a home address, in other words, a dedicated space to call it their own. If your community belongs to any of the 1Ramp’s domains (Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel), you can partner with us and use 1Ramp as your own app. Your community’s content and hashtag will get featured across all 1Ramp platforms.

Perks for the communities --

1.1. Tailored Online Presence

A dedicated space for your community-specific hashtag across all 1Ramp platforms.


As shown in the screen above, our app will showcase your community-specific hashtag on top of the feeds in the relevant community on 1Ramp. We've seen community managers running active community inside the discord channels and we think that a significant part of it can be made public. It'll give more visibility to the content and creators, in turn resulting in new human connections and open-space for the community.

1.2. Benefactor Reward

As of now, the community managers depend on the curator reward. After all, managing community on Steem cannot be done without delegation or steady earning. As it takes some fund to facilitate various activities, run contests, and reward those who add value to the entire ecosystem.

We'll share 100% of the benefactor rewards on the content posted under your hashtag. We will introduce a 10% beneficiary reward on 1Ramp before commencing this program. Ideally, it creates an unlimited source of in-flow for the community managers to grow the community and reward more creators. There will be no upper-cap to this, 100% of the reward that comes to 1Ramp from your community will go to the community managers. We'll work closely with them to help them utilize this fund with complete transparency.

1.3. Competition Credits

Contests are exciting, they keep people active, competitive and it keeps check on the quality of contribution to the community. We'll give 100 SBD/Steem credits to the community managers to create contests. On 1Ramp, contests are easier to create, manage and participate. Introducing 'Competition Pools' on 1Ramp.

1.4. Goodies by 1Ramp

Who can say no to cool swags? Under the WeAreOne program, we'll send exciting goodies for your community. So that while you are busy growing your community, building guidelines, and curating the best of content, we’ll keep them happy.

Community Partnership Programs | Partner with 1Ramp to give your community a dedicated space to thrive.

50% Benefactor reward75% Benefactor reward100% Benefactor reward
$100 Competition Credits for 2 Months$100 Competition Credits for 2 Months$100 Competition Credits for 3 Months
Tailored online and In-app presenceTailored online and In-app presenceTailored online and In-app presence
For 1 YearFor 1 YearFor 1 Year
$0 For first 5 partners$0 For first 5 partners$0 For first 5 partners

If you are interested in partnering for any of the above community partnership programs, please visit the following link and register yourself (It'll take less than a minute) --

You may also leave your contact details (discord or email) and the name of the program in the comments section and we'll reach out to you ASAP.

2. Why Do We Need an Initiative Like WeAreOne?

It took us a heck lot of time to put this announcement out. We are still skeptical on how various communities, community managers, and all the creators on Steem will welcome such initiative. So, here is what we think about #WeAreOne and why we should start organizing micro-communities under hashtags in one place.

2.1. Communities need space

Every creator in your community has something to showcase. They need visibility and they expect their content to be discovered by those who understand their work. With dedicated space for all the communities on 1Ramp, we are trying hard to do the same.

2.2. Building an app takes forever

Instead of spending countless hours on developing iOS, Android, and Web app for your community, leverage 1Ramp platform like you own it. 1Ramp is open-source, you will closely work with our team to build features that you need.

2.3. Creators need to stand out

We switched to a platform to stand out, not to lose our voice in a jumbled feed of irrelevant topics. Our purpose behind building an exclusive platform for creators is to help you stand out.

This as a first draft of the WeAreOne program (that we are putting in public), once we initiate this, we are sure that your feedback and our learning while working together will improve it a lot. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and do let us know if you've any suggestions.
Learn more --

Join the conversation on Discord or write us at [email protected].

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