Our weather is such a mess - even the plants are confused

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Climate change from my own back yard of Johannesburg.

This years winter has been so mild, the trees are in two minds about whether to lose their leaves or not.

The group of trees pictured below are all the same species.

The one circled on the right has lost most of its leaves but should have been totally bare by now. The one in the middle is yellow but hasn't lost very many leaves and the more sheltered one is still partially green.

These are Jacaranda trees and in this part of South Africa they should have been completely leafless a month ago.

The lawn is also confused.

By this time of year we should have had at least a full month of very cold nights with thick frost on the ground every morning, that burns the grass white.

Instead I have only noticed light frosting, on two mornings, that I can count and the lawns look like this.

Still plenty of patches of green which is highly unusual for Mid winter.

Not only has the autumn fall of leaves been incomplete but the weather is so balmy that trees are starting to bud and blossom.

Only the top portion of this young tree lost its leaves, and now it has already budded and is getting new leaves as it would in spring.

July is mid-winter for us in the southern hemisphere.

It's supposed to be our coldest month of the year, but here we now have trees that haven't yet completely lost their leaves already sprouting new leaves and getting ready for spring.

The weather is a mess.

Last year, the north of the country was in a serious drought.

Dams which fed the most populous province were perilously low, but then we had some massive storms. I wrote about one here and the dams filled up in a matter of a week or two.

The year before we had tornadoes, which are vary rare for our area.

I wonder what is in store for us next?


Great post! Thank you for sharing.

the climate is coming to get us... tic toc tic toc tic

Signs of the time! We've been in a drought here for about 2 yrs or more in Northern California. We've had water restrictions, water price increases and fines. It's been so dry mostly everything has died. The slogan around here is, the new green is brown.

Gavvet, renewables is the answer for now and future generations. I grew with 4 seasons in the State Michigan in the USA. while I miss the long cold winters, year round golf is a plus.

Yes, I hope to be in Solar in 2018 if not before end of year. I even fancy the Tesla's but I am partial to used vehicles.. so I may have to be more patient on that...

I'm invested in SunWorks (SUNW) and Canadian Solar (CSIQ)! Bullish!

Thanks for the weather update @gavvet. Very high fence and lights at the back of that pic. Unbelievable...

It's a close to ground level billboard, they have just removed the old one... but yea it does look like a fence at the moment.

Someone tag Mr. Donald Trump please... Hahaha! ☺ Our climates gets messier and messier as the years goes by. Sad!

Most of us can all see and feel the effects of climate change, except for Mr Donald Trump and probably a few others. It is affecting our environment in devastating ways, we need to do our part to protect the ozone layer from further depletion. Johannesburg is very beautiful, I hope I can visit there for a repatriation vacation in the near future. That will be very cool. Maybe steemit might make that dream a reality. Nice post by the way!

Blinded by greed and willful ignorance... as the saying goes "there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see"

the climate may be changing the question is wether or not it is man made or just the climate changing, there is not enough proof on either side to make a decision, the models are corrupted and they have all but admitted that, we need to start from scratch with real uncorrupted data and see where it leads us.

1+1=2 is all the proof I need.

We are producing more carbon dioxide and CO2 is at record levels. Whether you agree or not that it is influencing climate, it is an unprecedented imbalance that is human induced.

Yes it is,but in a good way.More CO2 = more food,if you lover CO2 we wouldnt even exist, becouse no plants cant grow, if there isnt any.Humans are part of nature like animals,evrithing on earth is part of nature even cemicals and plastic.Snakes produce poison,we produce cemicals,plants produce poisons too,but its all nature.

Sustainable Energy
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Keep Falling in the U.S.

Despite continued economic growth, emissions in the U.S. are on a steady decline thanks in large part to cheap natural gas.

by Mike Orcutt May 10, 2016
Carbon dioxide emissions in the United States fell again in 2015, according to new data from the federal government. Though the levels increased slightly in 2013 and 2014, last year’s drop is in line with the gradual decline that’s been occurring for a decade. The nearly 5.3 billion metric tons of energy-related carbon dioxide the country added to the atmosphere in 2015 is 12 percent smaller than that number in 2005.

Most of the reduction comes from burning less coal. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, changes in the national mix of electricity production—especially the shift toward cleaner-burning natural gas—accounted for 68 percent of the emissions reductions between 2005 and 2015.

A relatively mild winter likely also contributed to the drop seen in 2015. The number of so-called “heating degree days,” an indicator that reflects energy use for heating, was the lowest since 2012.

Fluctuations in annual emissions have also historically tended to reflect economic changes, as seen in the fairly dramatic decrease in 2009, when the country was in a recession.

More recently, however, the U.S. economy has continued to grow even in years that have seen decreases in emissions. In 2015 the economy was 15 percent larger than in 2005, but the country emitted 23 percent less carbon dioxide per dollar of GDP last year compared with 10 years prior.

Europe has also seen a general decline in emissions despite continued economic growth, and a small drop in global emissions in 2015 was the first that did not coincide with a worldwide economic downturn (see “Have Global CO2 Emissions Peaked?”). Whether or not this will continue, however, will depend heavily on how developing economies—especially China and India—meet growing demand for energy.

In the U.S., the decoupling of emissions from economic growth was largely a result of the boom in domestic gas production thanks to hydraulic fracturing. And while the deployment of renewable energy technologies has also increased substantially of late, burning natural gas instead of coal for electricity will likely continue to be the main contributor to emissions declines for years to come.

i guess unless you ask those highly circumspect folks at MIT


True, I agree..

I agree with you.

All this is happening and still to so many people, the concept of global warming is a conspiracy theory!! SMH

The easiest way to dismiss something inconvenient, these days, is to label it a conspiracy.

LOL, so true!

In Italy it has been very strange aswell, we had moments of calmness followed by very fast storms with strong winds and heavy rains. But the thing that troubled me the most was almost 2 years ago when I witnessed a giant hailstorm with 25°+ C. I do not know how will nature answer to this, but today the weather is completely insane.

One last thing, they started to pump oil out in the Mediterranean sea, and the earthquakes started to peak, so much blood and suffering for the money's machine.

every nation should focus on climate change... it should not just be england... not usa not china not russia.... it should be the whole world... we should unite to do something about it... because we are all affected by it... and soon it we will experience how bad it is...

we take mother nature for granted.... we never care for her... we should all stand to create a
better world to live in... not just for ourselves but for the future generation to come....

Good call. Thanks for the post. We have rain sometimes now in January in Wisconsin. Never used to happen.

Yeah I was having a climate change argument with someone the other day, unfortunately ignorant idiots like Alex Jones; along with big industrial polluters, have turned into a conspiracy theory, when there is clear evidence all around us, especially in traditionally hot or cold places.

I heard that in March, it snowed in Zambia for the first time in human history!


Yup, their greed and willful ignorance is astounding...

We had snow in the Drakenberg Mountains (Lesotho) in November last year... that's summer for us.

What makes me really angry and frustrated, is when people talk about it being some kind of liberal conspiracy, they are parroting the very same industrial complex that they are so scared of in other instances.

And don't get me started on Alex Jones, that tool is just saying what he thinks will be popular with no regard for its veracity. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic...


Yup, people do anything for money or power these days, with no thought for the future, even when the truth is staring them in the face... and our populations levels of gullibility are unbelievable for this day and age.

I think many of them say it is a industry that has been created out of thin air. Kind of like mass media. Others have a more balanced approach when they say that the changes we are saying are in fact symptomatic of long term cycles in nature.

Long term cycles come into play, by CO2 levels have been artificially increased simply by our industrialisation. Its unprecedented, so are the record temperatures being measured each year.

That is a pity, because it can get so hot that we need extra air conditioners and stuff. It will probably change the whole world economy, like how a lot of old people moved to Florida when air conditioners became commonplace (or so I heard)

c02 levels are the same they have always been, it is verifiable and proven , the only thing that has changed is the data and models they use to support their theory, and remember it is nothing more than a theory there is no peer based consensus on man made climate change.

Same at My place, here is no rain almost 2 month. :(

Climate change is the result of human impact on nature. I think the last day of the world will also come.

Your 'lawn' could do with a sprinkling of water I think!

50 degrees in parts of China at present, crazy times ahead.

It dies back from the cold, but not all has been equally affected...

The planet is changing rapidly, even grass doesn't know how to cope :(

It's sad that the nature has so much suffers. We all see what is happening around us, but nobody do anything. We all should start to do something, not only to wait. Every small step is important.

It's been totally weird this year!! Even up here in Limpopo.
That's exactly what I've been telling everyone this year - "where is the first". We haven't seen any this winter - not even once... Very strange...
But then again, I "feel" colder than I did last year. It's almost as if the cold (but no so cold) spells lasted long than last year...
It's going to be quite interesting to see what this summer has planned for us...

Yup, interesting times...

It's bloody terrifying how drastic the effects of climate change are and yet the leader of the free world refuses to acknowledge it's existence. It's an interesting and frightening time to be alive. Interesting post. Have a good weekend!

He practices the "head in the sand" methodology I presume.

I think people like Trump argue that the changes are cyclical.

Probably because the alternative is financially and hence politically "inconvenient".

We need to be so careful about how we treat our planet. It is our home.

In Latvia, too, the weather is strange. In February it was +10, in June - + 10. Now at night and +8 sometimes happens.

That is interesting to hear...

wow man, I believe this is because of the global chances and pollution... Sam in my country, Romania, even if we don't have so many natural disasters!

Yup, lots of funny weather everywhere.

The world is becoming a mess by the climate change sadly. :(

"Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?"

Jacarandas have such nice blossom, let's hope they continue to bloom.

Sometimes the turn of weather did make an impact which means for survival, as well as plants, hopefully the weather at your place can be good back @gavvet

We had winter like this last year in northeast USA. It was warm, like a pleasant summer day on Christmas, which is extremely rare. I've never seen anything like it before.

The US plant hardy zone based on climate index have been shifting north since early 2010. You start to see plants as indicators (like what you did). Vegetations that are native to North Carolina climate started to grow in upper states. Sea level has risen already and governments and capitalists really have to invest in green infrastucture that are resilient to disasters. At an individual scale, we should really start to live and consume more consciously than ever, thinking about the consequences... Or we can live mindlessly and get screwed.

I've got a similar thing happening to trees here in Colorado. The same tree has budding branches, fully leaved branches, and branches with no leaves all in one! Traveling across the US over the past year has shown that it's a widespread phenomenon.

Good to know that it's not only happening to my country. I thought I was losing my marbles.

When it's suppose to be spring, it's still snowing (we had snow up until April and even May) and when it's summer time here, it is raining (which is what we are suppose to be experiencing in April, not in all of June and July.)

It's freaking hot in Florida...
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Here in my country the places where there is no flooding before gets flooded like the inside of our house.
Now it is raining season and I am worried for another flooding considering my situation that I can't barely walk.

Haha thisis funny. I didn't expect this from SA. I think some of them are rebels. 'I can do what I want'

That was funny, senor! I laughed out load. I am also a South African, and I can seriously say that nature is rebelling here.

Darwin, Australia, has had its warmest July on record. Little rest from the heat and humidity.

The weather pattern does seem different from when I was a kid - makes you wonder.

love your picture. Here in Paraguay is now winter but we have 30 degrees

@gavvet, I feel you. It is the same here in Berlin. The weather has been really confusing.

It's bloody terrifying how drastic the effects of climate change are and yet the leader of the free world refuses to acknowledge it's existence. It's an interesting and frightening time to be alive. Interesting post. @gavvet

everything is really changed a lot almost all the 4 seasons we are loosing the charm and the excitement of these seasons by our own creations.

Weather goes crazy last few years and changes so rapidly as well. You get jumps in temperature from 5-10 to 20-25 degrees just in one or 2 days time just to see than on the fillowing day it is snowing again. We get longer summers and late winters and then uncertainty to whether will spring actually arrive. I hope this doesn't cause big problems for the human and animal population in the near future.

weather confusion is becoming the new normal. in nigeria we usually have harmattan during december but harmattan came in feb this year.

Wow... I've been in Ghana during harmattan in December ;)

We have the same issue here in New York. Yellow falling leaves in the middle of July. As my friend Eli said, all it takes is for the weather to shift one month and humans no longer have any food. Gulp. Global weirding.

It's same here in Mauritius @gavvet, supposed to be very cold in this period, but the temperature in really mild for a winter! We even had cyclone starting before the season last year!
Can't understand what's going on!

Thats crazy :0) we have seen a big change in weather here in Sweden to. This summer it hasent been much sun.....just rain and storm.
Never been like that before.
And we didnt have any snow last winter at all.
It was not as cold as it use to be eather.
Feels comfusing cause we are use to snow in winter and sun in summer :0)
That is scary. Thank u for sharing

Our summer is completely messed up too!!, one day is too hot, the other it is too cold!

I've never experienced what a South African winter is like but it seems like it has a really weird and uncanny effect on the environment @gavvet

The only insight I have had of South Africa are from @kiligirl's great posts but her garden nor the near surroundings don't seem to have taken this much of a detrimental toll compared to what you have witnessed.

The effect of climate change is absolutely devastating and I hope one day we can revert our destruction and be able to terraform this planet while we search to somehow terraform planets like Mars.

Meanwhile, floods is destroying lifes and properties worth millions of $$ across Nigeria my country, wonders of Mama Nature.

I feel you about the climate, here in Finland we have lived through snowfalls during midsummer and many Christmas eves without any snow. It's crazy.

According to me, These rapid changes in weather are occurring due to global warming... And it is happening even in our country... India... Very good post... Nice reading... Thank you..

Tell that to the hotter countries, where we are really feeling the heat.

Sure what's there number I'll call:) Look I don't believe in that, simple as that. If you think haarp is fake then convo over, cheers! That's the real "global warming" . High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

It's happening all over the world. I can't imagine where it's going to be 100 years from now...or even 50. I can't wait to see the second installment of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth".

Well, some trees species are starting to lose their leafs here (Southern Europe). It's mid Summer, way too early for that.
Man screwed the natural balance in a tremendous way. Lets just hope Nature has the time and the strength to adapt and evolve. Unfortunately there's no signs that the big and more polluting nations will stop doing what they are doing. On the contrary.

I feel very sorry for the damage people made to the climate! Now everything seems to go wrong! In my country, even in the summer, there are always rain. Sometimes, the weather is very cold!

Air pollution is real, but bringing the climate back to the way it was it not possible, all we can do is to try to maintain it for the next generation to have what they can live in

Not just the plants are confused, even POTUS is confused and believe climate change is all a ruse by the Chinese to disenfranchise American Industries.
There's a lot of confusion out there, even my hairline is on the move backwards (going bald) and i am sure it has something to do with climate change and the depletion of the Ozone layer!

It is sad to see what our earth has become. We have to start taking better care of mother nature.

I can't attribute the quote but:

Climate is what we expect, Weather is what we get.

Hopefully you'll get the Winter season the vegetation needs, and before it wreaks havoc on the already budding trees.
winter snow
This is Winter where I live (although it was more snowy than is usual that year.)

This year has been mighty dry! Followed by some series rain storms....Keep steeming @gavvet.

its truly changing because we had some of the worse weathers in jamaica the past months , but i hope it don't get worse

It's so hard to forecast long term weather trends. We've had a very rainy summer in Toronto but out west it's very dry and many forest fires are raging in B.C. So, it could be worse. BTW, when visiting a pioneer village nearby they talked about a year with no summer at all and that happened back in 1816. So, climate change? Possibly, or maybe we just don't understand long-term rhythms in nature

Years without a summer are often caused by high altitude dust etc. from massive volcanic eruptions like Krakatoa etc. that is a very different climate anomaly compared to the record high temperatures that are being recorded year on year globally

that's true...good point

There does seem to be a lot of people on here who want to deny scientific fact! I've seen people deny climate change, creationists and even a regular rant about the world being flat!! Some people just don't seem able to accept evidence when presented with it and always look for an alternative!!

The questioning or skeptical mind is sometimes taken to far

I have no issue with a questioning mind, it is these stupid agendas that piss me off!

I love South Africa's weather and in particular Pretoria. After 2 weeks on holiday in Europe I am so glad to be back. We had tempretures between 10 and 24 degrees with wind and rain. And that is their SUMMER!

Pretoria weather is the best.

nice post
followed you


Lol Even Where I Live The Weather Is A Mess It Reaches 48°C Not Only That But With A Crazy Humidity Percentage :(

@gavvet All you gotta do is improvise, hope and wait for the better. and be glad it's not Hurricane or some other shit like an earthquake. I feel your pain and disappointment. But that's nature and there's little you can do. Have a lovely weekend!)) You're a positive person, pick your mood up and don't let it depend on the weather.

Your posts are very helpful. thank you

Awesome post! Have crazy weather coming to Portland over the next week! Will make a post about that soon! :) Have a great day!

There is more to life than just the weather, If you're healthy and able to get by. Just adapt while it's a "mess" as you indicated. We can't always control nature. Sometimes it does it thing and we just have to cope with it. @gavvet have a nice day! I might go for a sunbath on your behalf...)))

Awesome personal account! Who knows what's going on! As long as we make conscious decisions and treat out planet with respect we simply need to react to what mother earth throws back at us..!?? :)

And according to Al Gore the polar ice caps should have melted by now, however they have only increased in size. Go figure.

umm, no, Why are polar bears drowning then? as they say in crypto, do your own research.

But... to come back to my comment... the polar ice caps have not melted; they have increased in size contrary to what Al Gore promised. As for the bears... did they forget how to swim? Perhaps there are better places to do "research" than Al Gore's propaganda movies.

Here's your research: an increase of 4,200 bears since 2001. Of course it was not taken from Al Gore's propaganda movie. As someone who actually lives in Canada, I can tell you that there is no shortage of polar bears and that they are more of a nuisance than anything else. Yes, do your own independent research and stop listening to old has-been politicians who have ulterior motives for basically every move they make.

😊Nice post thank you for sharing just give you up vote @gavvet

@gavvet - its a pleasure going through your steemit channel. It is abundantly evident you have a broad range of interests and expertise, and a gift of articulation.
I have an interest in weather manipulation and Geoengineering, and have an ongoing series on the same. My point is the unnatural weather you mention in this post is artificial,and mother nature has nothing to do with it. Please take a gander at these relevant posts below if you get a chance, and give me some feedback . Thanks in advance.

  1. I analysed how the Weather RADARS are playing HAARP and creating the frequency grid for manipulation

  2. I analyzed how the power plants are pivotal in artificial precipitation generation

  3. Unnatural clouds or Pareidolia

  4. Global news synopsis week 24

Seasons are shifting a bit. Changes are clearly noticeable everywhere on the planet. I believe it is fairly natural.

This submission has made it on the @MutuWhale MutuList!

Everything has it's given reasons. God runs the weather channel.

Well, it happened before they say... and it will surely happen again.

Climate is a bitch

I wonder what is in store for us next?

I predict a bounce back an great plants growing again. Whatever the case.. goo-luck @gavvet from loveallhatenone!!!

you said it right climate change is the big thing

The Rapture of the Body of Christ is upon us. After that - bad to worse, until Jesus touches down on the Mount of Olives. The Kingdom will fix the climate chaos problem eventually.

Signs of the times

We just need less people.

Are you advocating genocide?

No, I was attempting to point out that if global warming/climate change is caused by humans then the resolution is less humans. It's one thing to champion the montra of "reduce reuse recycle", but tell people to stop breeding gets frowned upon.

This planet has a self preservation mechanism that can be brutal sometimes. I try to stay out of the "god has a plan" conversations.

Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones?

Population limitations are not a new concept.

That's not what my question was.

Sorry, Yes I have heard of the Georgia Guidestones. That was the basis of my previous response, advocation of limited population. My interpretation anyway of at least part of the GG.

Reading between the lines here (although I may be wrong), you seem to be in favour of such a proposition? While I can certainly see some of the benefits of a reduced population (traffic is a bitch), I can't see how such an extraordinary feat can be accomplished without cold-blooded genocide. Consider for a moment that the earth has about 7 billion people at this time. The Georgia Guidestones has a target of only 500 million people. It would take millennia to steadily decrease the population to the GG target responsibly. It seems to me that nobody is really considering, or even valuing, any of the people that inhabit this earth. The only factor considered is the health of the planet, yet what good is an undisturbed planet without people to enjoy it? As I see it, this really all comes back to our philosophy of the origin of life. As a believer, I know that the earth was made subject to man. I'll refer to a few verses from Genesis to make my point:

26Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,a and over all the creatures that move along the ground.

28God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

So in essence, God created the earth and made it subject to man to be ruled over. So I agree that man has not done a good job of that; pollution is too high, natural resources are not managed responsibly, nuclear disasters (such as Fukushima) are killing off our oceans, etc. However, this does not take away from the original intention which was that man is to rule over the earth, and not the other way around. The reason is of course that mankind has entered a fallen world after the original sin in the Garden of Eden, and as a result the original intention was perverted.

To atheists and evolutionists, man has evolved out of the earth and is basically subject to nature. In that light, I do understand the concept of population reduction. The earth is regarded as "holy" and that is why efforts are made to restore nature as much as possible by reducing that which degrades it: man. I suppose this is a somewhat simplistic view of the matter, however I do think it is accurate.

Yet what is the end result of the latter? Suppose that only a handful of people are left and that nature has been restored to its original state in all its glory? What is the ultimate point of it? What is the end game?

Well, that is a bit off the mark that I was shooting for. I was making the connection between climate change/global warming and whether or not it was caused by, controllable by, or curable by humans.

It is a philosophical question: If man is the cause, then removing man from the equation will correct the damage. You may be correct in the theory that man rules over all, including the planet. But we are merely shepherds and stewards of the land. I was not advocating for a genocide, I was adding context (bluntly, I admit) to the narrative that overpopulation may be our ruination.

GOD. Allah, Mother Nature, etc. has away of righting itself. Often to the detriment of humans. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and the like keep us reminded that we may not rule above all.

Hi friend, very good !!!!! You would help me with a vote in my post., Thanks !!! ;)

Yep. Climate change is real and we are likely to see interesting & unusual phenomenon. Flooding in odd places and even weird timings, snow & drafts of cold in temperate parts & seasons. Looking forward to a rain storm instead of a sand storm in the desert. I hope the Ozone layer holds for much longer.

Very infformative post. Health.

Thanks for this message @gavvet. I often wonder how the programming works in nature. Are living organisms designed to do things at certain times, under certain conditions, or both? It also has implications for colonizing other planets I believe. Because what if you could artificially stimulate growth by shortening the seasons?

Some species adapt and flourish, less adaptable species undergo intense pressure and if they are borderline already they end up extinct.

I don't know, I think sometimes not being able to adapt can also be a strength.

all these modifications are Human made! the actual hurricanes are also made by men...
They use HAARP and chemtrails... there is no more true clouds in the sky now... and there is flooding water all around the world... see animals are diying massively ... without reason .. and weird beasts are discovered... They have kill our planet...
Anyway , we have to live with the consequences of stupidity of some humans...
Have a nice day full of love and light

@gavvet, from what I remember in your other post, you are a religious person. I cannot predict what is next in regards to the weather, but I do not know it will get even more crazy. These are just some of the sign of what is yet to come.

Strange weather coz of global warming. It's natures way of reminding us that we have to act NOW. The world is slowly dying, we have to do something about it.

The climate has been giving us warmer winters here in the US too. But also only a few years ago we had one of our coldest winter where I experienced -30 F degrees. But the winters have been lighter the past few years.

breakfast & a @gavvet post..nice morning to start after a rough rant! The weather really can change a person energy, especially messy weather. Nice land you have there..cheers

What were you ranting about? Just curious?

I will wait the info of the next mess :D

Thanks for the weather update

Well I won't want to blame our leaders for this that is happening to the weather cos it is all our fault. We all know that burning things no matter how small it is will affect the ozone layers, do you even k of ordinary smoking affects the ozone layer, now come to think of the number of smaokers all over the world. If we want this to stop, we have to make it happen ourselves because IT BEGINS WITH YOU

The climate is changing but we all are to blame for it. We should act before it is to late.

something i noticed here in my end, the chestnut trees have bloomed and given fruit two or three times, to me this is strange. and we dont really have nights, its dark for one hour then the sun is up again... and i dont live that far up to have sun all night.

Check this beast! @Gavvet, you are awesome. I know you don't respond all the time, it's cool. I'm for Cape Town :)

Keep it up! You are one of my motivations right now. Talk soon.

Our weather and climate get heavily manipulated by Chemtrails and Geoengineering!

we should aware of climate change....to save our world