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RE: Walking along the Caissons at Arlington Cemetery

I'll bet you've spent part of your some of your December 14ths helping to lay the wreaths to honor our veterans, and whether you have or not, I thank you for the way you always honor our veterans - of which I have taken notice.

When you write about the honor guard and those who train with and care for those beautiful horses and their dedication to this, their solemn duty, that's what it's all about.

They surely must come away from serving with that MOS, with loads of thanks, honor and respect for their buried brothers mixed in with their own military blood flowing through their veins. Honor and Duty.

You wrote this post very well Denise. It's solemn and most respectful to all of our men and women in the military and our veterans, and you show how some things are still done with pride and sense of purpose, even if it's just making sure that last buckle shines.