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RE: Walking along the Caissons at Arlington Cemetery

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When I travel I always make time to visit the War Memorials nearby, not all, but some. I mean the Aussie ones. I pay my respects, as should we all. I have visited them all over the world including Isurava in Papua New Guinea and Villers-Bretonneux in France, Vietnam and many others also. They never fail to move me.

I'll do so in the States too, despite them not being Australian with Arlington, Pearl Harbour and Gettysburg on the list. I respect those who serve, those who gave their lives and veterans too.

Anyway, that's about all. Have a great day.


Actually, Francis Milne of the Royal Australian Air Force who died aged 25 on Thursday, 26th November 1942 is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was from Southport Queensland.

If you ever go to Gettysburg, try to line it up when they are having a reenactment! They are incredibly good! I did a post a few months back about it. Thanks for stopping by!


I'd love to see a reenactment although would want to get involved! Aussies fought all over the place but I wouldn't think many are buried in the States...Good reason to go there though.

Thanks for commenting.

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