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This #wednesdaywalk started at Dwejra (Azure window) as it is a two hour walk to get there, so used the car. This is a popular tourist area so I arrived fairly early to get good light and avoid the tourists. The Azure Window has for years been the tourists draw. Last year in a bad storm the whole thing fell down. A very fortunate photographer was there and able to shoot the whole collapse. One photgrapher with the only pictures af a momentous ocaision.

Note the person on top. Signs warn that it is prohibited to walk on top but people do and each year someone gets a back injury jumping off the top into the water. Last year a law prevented anyone going on top and the police guarded the access.

Below is now! After it fell down last year. Fortunately no one was ontop at the time.

At least it provides a new diving site!
light blue horisontal.png

Next we have a small church. There is not a single house within a mile or so and those are served by a large church. Funny place for a church.


light blue horisontal.png

From the window that was the next place is the inland sea which is down a short hill.
light blue horisontal.png

Access to the Mediterranean sea is through the cave. This small haven is the inland sea. The buildings around the perimiter are boat houses. The pleasure boats are just being launched and the divers just getting ready to start their morning diving.





The sign shows the access through the cave now called the Blue Grotto as the window is no more.


A little more information. Perhaps I will do a post of the boat trip in a future post.

light blue horisontal.png

Then I retraced my steps up the hill and over to the west of the inland sea.


The tower is one of a number of towers erected to defend the islands. Some were paid for by British commanding officers responsible for the defence of the islands. I will visit that on a future visit.



I can't see the crocodile in the rock, perhaps thats just me.

A little further and we come to a secluded lagoon guarded at its entrance by Fungus Rock!




On Sundays this lagoon has many more boats moored in it, a little bit of swimming, a little drinking and Sunday lunch on board. What could be more relaxing.

And so we come to the end of my walk to Dwejra (Azure Window.) We do have another similar window not far away that I can cover in the future.

I hope you enjoy the small glimps of this corner of the island.


I love how clear the water is. Have you ever took a swim there? The water looks inviting.

How unfortunate the rock collapsed. Maybe in another two decades or more another window will form.

At least that church is quiet I hope.

Hi, yes the church is quiet, even with hundreds of tourists. I have swum there, its not easy to get into the water but well worth the effort. The water is crystal clear and very deep. Within a few yards the water drops to over 25 meters deep and a little further out, up to 60 meters.
The area is very popular with divers.

Sea temperature now is 21 degrees C. It will rise to 28 degrees by mid July and doesn't cool down until December. Good for swimming. It is rough seas that stop swimming not temperature.

We do have another window a mile or so away. It is not quite so accessible as the Azure window was. To see it it is necessary to look down on it. I am sure it will become popular with time.

That's deep. I wouldn't dare as I don't know how to swim lol! But the temperature I can handle :D

It might get popular sooner or later with the help of social media. Now that the Azure window is no more, people will find other places to go

I can still remember learning to swim I was 7 years old. A group of us used to leave school one afternoon a week and go to the local pool. We just played around and one by one we learned, suddenly I was swimming, the feeling was wonderful, I could do it.
If you can, learn to swim it is so enjoyable.

That sounds fun. Oh! To be a kid again.

I surely will learn. It is really one thing I want to do this year. Good luck to me!

Good luck indeed, you won't regret it.

What an amazing area such beauty, kind of sad that the Rock formation collapsed but glad no one was hurt when it happened

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk and sharing this beautiful spot


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Wow this looks like a great place to visit and some great photography work too!

Thanks very much, it is a great place. In July and August hundrteds of visitors came to see it. Now they seem to see where it used to be.

Really beautiful. That azure window didn't just fall, it vanished! @ironshield

It did indeed. Surpisingly not long ago a survey revealed it would stand for decades more.

Now that looks like paradise to me!

It is a paradise if a little bleak in the winter. Winter lasts two to three months and reaches 10 degrees celcius. Sometimes a degree or so lower. We do get a lot of strong winds from the north west (Alps) so it feels colder. We won't have any rain now until September. Well worth a vist though.