Hi @janton . I am from India, which has a very tropical wet dry climate. Before coming here I was well aware of the winter and was prepared. But yes I was surprised to know about different kind of snow here like the flurries, sleet,ice pellets and all. All I could imagine before was fluffy white snow everywhere. But now i am aware how these snow can melt and form the dangerous glass ice that you have to be very careful of. Thanks for the read 😊

Howdy again silenteyes! Well that is very interesting and I'm glad that you enjoy all the snow and ice because alot of people don't! lol. Summers are glorious as well up there though. How did you get from India to Canada? A job opportunity?

My husband came to Canada on an office assignment. That's how I ended up here.

howdy tonight silenteyes! how interesting, and you like it there? Do you miss India?

Hi @janton . Yes I love Canada. Its a beautiful country. Love the diversity here. And yes I miss India too, especially when it comes to food 😊

Howdy again silenteyes! oh the food. Do you cook your own India style food? I'm sure they also have restaurants there which make that style of food, right?

Yep I cook. There are Indian grocery stores too. But we don’t get everything over here. Same with the restaurants. I am from South India and I especially miss eating on a banana leaf 😬. But at the same time I do enjoy trying cuisines from other part of the world too. I love Caribbean rice and curry and Japanese sushi😊

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Well howdy again silenteyes! oh yes, curry and Caribbean rice..I've never had Japanese sushi so I don't know about that one. Do you get to take trips back home for visits?