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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #wednesdaywalk with
thanks to @tattoodjay

This walk is around the outside of the Anthropology Museum in
Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
There is a very well kept rose garden, with a terrific view of
the mountains.
The totem poles are always popular with guests, they.....
IMG_4290 (2)aaaa.JPG

have many different meanings and purposes to commemorate ancestors, cultural
legends, or notable events.
Next week we will...
IMG_4295 (2)aaaaa.JPG
go inside the museum.
IMG_4293 (2)aaaa.JPG



It is really nice rose garden and superb view of the mountains photography.

Thank you, I found it when looking for the museum...

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What beautiful gardens looking forward to seeing in the museum next week

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you! It was unexpected

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