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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #wednesdaywalk with
thanks to @tattoodjay

These pics are of a walkway that runs along the Thames
River in London, UK.
An excellent and very popular walk with many commuters
and tourists taking in the sites.
The first pic is a spot that has been used numerous times in....

movies and you might recognise it.
The next is the Shard, a hotel with a number of restaurants on the
upper floors with amazing views.
The last pic is of the London eye, an expensive ride that
gives you a view as well, but there are many other .....
The Shard
options, that are free or less expensive.
London Eye


Cool shots remind sme of my visits there wand walking alonside the Thames

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Nice photography of Thames River in London, UK.

Wow... I would love to visit there some day.

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Hey @karbon, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Wonderful shots sir karbon! That eye ride has to be the world's largest of it's kind!

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