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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #wednesdaywalk with
thanks to @tattoodjay

Steveston Village

This historic fishing village is only 30 min from Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
Still a working fishing port, with a modern fleet, and you can check out
the catch of the day as the boats return to port.
It is the largest fishing port in Canada although many of the canneries....

IMG_4251 (2)aaa.JPG
have given way to condo's and seafood restaurants.
The town is small and quaint and there are miles of trails to
hike or cycle.
There are many interesting things to do, whale watch tours....

IMG_4225 (2)aaa.JPG
a cannery museum and absorb the atmosphere.
IMG_4218 (2)aaa.JPG



What a cool place for a walk love historic places like this

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you, I spent the entire day there...

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Most welcome and i can see why
Have a great day

Nice fishing port in Canada photography.

Thank you! I appreciate that!

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Beautiful shots of the water and fishing village.

Thank you, not as quaint as a PEI fishing village but still ok.. lol

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Haha, I don’t like to boast but there are some awesome ones here too.

The only part of Canada I haven’t spent time in is the East Coast... I have to remedy that, it’s gorgeous and everyone raves about it...

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I've never seen a Whale! That would be so cool! This looks like a lovely place to be.

Neither have I...the tours were not running that day tho... :(

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That has always been my problem, I've been in whale areas a few times, but never at the right time of year.

I hope to remedy that same problem one of these days..

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