I have no idea what the attraction is for me, other than it being so overwhelming and. I am struck by its peacefulness despite it being a cemetery.

Thank you. The photos really don't do it justice. Although, you know what I mean as the Czech Republic has some amazing cemeteries. I hope all is going well for you. You aren't rock happy yet?:)

You pick some beautiful places to hang your hat. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Have a wonderful day!

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That´s right, we have some impressive (I don´t really feel comfortable using the word beautiful when talking about cemeteries) cemeteries in the Czech Republic but I remember the one in Arlington made a really huge impression on me, even though it´s been some 10 years...

Rocky happy, wow, I had to google that phrase out :D Not yet. Still loving it here. Actually, I used to live on a much smaller island that this one :) I definitely prefer places with little or no people to crowded sites so it´s fine with me here.

Thanks for your reply and the tip, have a great day too!

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