#WednesdayWalk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay, The idea is to get out for a short walk, and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start.


While having a walk in Chinatown recently, I came across these murals. I believe murals in Singapore are quite a recent thing. I don’t remember seeing them so often before. They are a good idea because murals brighten up the place making the place more interesting. Sometimes, where space is possible, the authorities installed sculptures too. Apart from that they also install signboards telling the history and/or story of the murals and the place.

Here are some murals which caught my attention.

Shophouses in Chinatown. The ground floor is the shop and the storey above is the residence. Sometimes, hawkers set up stalls outside the shophouses. In the mural, you see a woman lowering a basket. Sometimes, when they do not bother to come down from their residence, they would just shout out to the hawker, and they use the basket to deliver the goods and payment.


A hawker hawking his wares of toy swords, and masks on his tricycle.


A street opera. During festivals, there is usually a stage set up for opera performances. As kids, this is what we look forward to. Although we don't really understand what was going on on the stage, we still get the gist of the story from the acting and actions. Unfortunately, this is a dying art. There are very few opera troops left now.

People watching the street opera, also known as Chinese Wayang. When and where there is street opera performances, there are hawkers selling sweets. And there is always the ice-cream man.

Two samsui women waiting for their transport to pick them up for work. Samsui woman are woman from China who came to Singapore to work at the construction sites. There are no more samsui women now.

This is a more present scene. A mural on the side street showing people queuing up to buy drinks from a coffee shop.

This looks like an unfinished piece of mural.

This is in the train station. The scene shows Singapore during the pre-colonial times to the colonial times.


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Such cool and realistic looking murals well apart from the unfinished one
So cool to see

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you @tattoodjay.

My pleasure. 😊 !trdo

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These are beautiful. I especially like the two Samsui women. !tip

Thank you Jon.
The Samsui women came to Singapore in the mid 1900s, during the time of uncertainties in China, to work at the construction sites. They took a vow of celibacy. Some broke that vow, but most of them stick with it. They are very tough women, and highly respected. They were almost like a different breed. 😊

Quite an interesting story. It’s nice that they keep this history alive with art

Indeed. 👍 😊

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Very interesting sir Vincent! Those are great and also educational. I think you'd be a good Hawker!

Howdy Jonboy. Thank you for your kind words.

Shoot, I slipped up again! lol.

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