My Elliott Wave Count for WEED.TO

in #weed3 years ago

I have labeled my Elliott Wave Count for WEED.TO as 3 waves in and possibly 4 waves in.

Initial Target zone once we reach the pivot low is between $56 and $60 assuming there is no extension for wave 5.

There were sub 5th wave extensions for greater wave 1 and wave 3 so it should not surprise me if there is a sub 5th wave extension for greater wave 5.

This is not financial advice, just my view on what I perceive from my limited knowledge of Elliott Waves.


If 4 is still not in then I see the next landing zone as the (.618/$31.5) and (.65/30.60) Fib Golden zone region.


If we are going to go to the golden zone then in my opinion we will have to bounce somewhat to reset some RSI’s.

The 15,30 and 60 minute RSI’s are all over sold and the 4 hour RSI is approaching oversold.