Banana Kush: Weed Review

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• Indica Hybrid

• 4.7 / 5

• Sweet Tropical Relaxing

The Strain

Banana Kush is a tropical hybrid with a tasty aroma and a relaxing high. This west coast weed crosses Ghost OG and Skunk Haze with a ratio of about 60% indica to 40% sativa. It’s a relaxing high that mellows you out but doesn't render you useless. The sativa kick helps you push through the day and enjoy your experience.

The flower is very pretty with crystals covering the light green leaves. It’s longer and skinnier than average, which might factor into in the naming of this strain. The main contribution comes from the smell and taste. Sweet banana with a tropical zing, you are transported to a sunny tropical island with this relaxing scent. With a numbing and euphoric high, this strain not only smells like a banana, it looks like one too!

The Flower

What I like most about Banana Kush is the uniqueness of the flower. It isn’t ‘in your face crazy’ like some purple or blue buds, but it quietly has a very personal look. The nugs are longer and skinny and stretch out with a slight curve. Eerily similar to a banana which I’m sure is no coincidence.

The color is light green and almost yellow. Partly due to the enormous amounts of crystals that cake the leaves and partly just because of the lighter green. Stark orange hairs creep around the surface, poking out whenever they find an opening.

The feeling is sticky with a sweet and tropical smell. You get the banana flavor right away, but there are other components to the scent. Some pine, citrus, and a little skunk accompany the flagship banana. It has a very attractive aroma that reminded me of two things. Warm fresh banana bread and the sweet yellow banana candy Runts.

The High

The taste is really remarkable and maintains the integrity of the smell, but even more blended. The smell is much more banana heavy, but the taste has other elements of earth, grass, and citrus. You can still easily find the trademark banana when you gear your taste buds towards it.

The high is both social and soothing. The even blend from the hybrid doesn’t overwhelm you in any specific area. Rather, it evenly distributes itself over multiple facets of highness: relaxation, euphoria, pain relief, and creativity. They all work together to create a really unique and manageable experience. Like pouring batter on a waffle iron, the thick liquid slowly but surely oozes across the surface till it’s evenly distriubted. I never felt in the danger zone of too relaxed or too in my head. I had a lovely even keel high that lightly tickled all the elements: creative, social, relaxing, and happy.


I give Banana Kush a 4.7 / 5. Great for relaxing, particularly during the night time, this fruity fresh ganja really hit’s the spot. It also works during the day in the right setting, as long as there are no variables to kill your vibe.

The long skinny buds look great and the fruity smell gives it a convincing imitation of a banana. Sweet, tropical, and herbaceous taste, the balanced high is just as good as the flavor. Relaxed and mellow with a happy lift of euphoria. The strength is on the medium side of the scale, but the balanced nature of the hybrid makes you feel it in different ways. If you like an healthy stoned that covers all bases with a tropical taste, Banana Kush is great. A fun and enjoyable strain that surprised me for the better.


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