Blue Dome: Weed Review

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• Indica
• 4.6 / 5
• Heavy, Sleepy, and Berry

The Strain

Blue Dome is a potent and relaxing indica with a delightful berry flavor. Not for the faint of heart, this strain will sooth your body and free your mind. It’s linage comes from Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookie, this weed is related to two of my favorite strains. The fluffy and long buds are covered in red hairs that stick out everywhere. The taste has some delicious blueberry notes and a few hits go a long way. Perfect in the evening, this strain should be treated with respect. It is very potent and not for the faint of heart. I immediately felt woozy as the sweet berry flavored smoke filled my lungs. My eyes got heavy and my body weak. I felt so warm and relaxed I didn’t want to move for weeks. Great for pain relief, insomnia, or depression, Blue Dome hits you in the dome, knocks you to the floor, and I loved every minute.

The Flower

The flower is fluffy and soft to the touch. The nugs are long and skinny with a light green color. It isn’t very dense at all and it feels like you can pull it apart easily like cotton candy. There are so many hairs and crystals on this plant its almost evenly distributed between leaves. hairs, and trichomes. The orange hairs stick out in every direction and the crystals cover the surface like an encrusted jewelry piece. The smell is musky with some touches of blueberry. The aroma is overall dank, but has sweet notes that round it out. It kind of reminds me of blueberry Laffy Taffy. The feel is light and easy to break up. Although it is covered in twinkling resin it isn’t sticky. The pistols are long and stringy and stretch out in every direction. The taste is earthy and has some of the sweet blueberry subtly.

The High

The high is very deep and soothing. My body was immediately relaxed and my eyes felt heavy. I wasn’t tired, but after smoking and laying on my couch I was instantly ready to take a nap. My limbs felt at ease as I melted into the couch and started drifting off. I ended up falling asleep for about 20 minutes. I don’t know if it was because it was a lazy Sunday or because of the Blue Dome, but it definitely knocked me out. When I came too I wasn’t groggy or overly tied. A little surprised, because I wasn’t planning on taking nap, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches. I felt rested and relaxed, but still with it. I got up and got back to my day. I had some slight regrets about smoking an indica during the day, but I had decided to throw caution to the wind. I still felt relaxed after my little snooze. Warm tingles flowed through my body and my thoughts were happy and silly. I got the munchies and some dry mouth, which were the only negative side effects. My senses were definitely heightened and a simple glass of cold water tasted complex and divine.


I give Blue Dome a 4.6 / 5. A strong and robust indica with a straggly flower, this strain really hit you in the dome and has a nice taste to boot. Great for depression, insomnia, and pain relief, Blue Dome with melt your muscles and ease you mind. The flower is long and fluffy and breaks apart without much effort. The hairs are much longer then other strains and shoot out in every direction. The smell and taste are really nice, deep and earthy with some sweet berry hints. The high is heavy and drowsy. As I said before, I’m not sure if it was because I was having a lazy day to start with, but Blue Dome rendered me unconscious without much effort. My eyes immediately felt heavy and I was seconds away from slumber. If you like indica’s on the heavier side, I definitely recommend Blue Dome. Great in the nighttime or evening, this strain is all the therapy you need. You mind will be free from stress, your body numb and light, and your eyes heavy. Blue Dome hits you in the dome and doesn’t let up.


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