I had a change of tack

in #weedcashlast year

So yesterday I was checking my bud, which was hanging.
The buds were dry on the inside but next to the stalk they were very sticky. So I decided to do a rough trim.

And place them in a box with baking sheets in.
I had watched this on my favourite YouTube site from the Top shelf grower in Spain.

I tried to trim the small leaves,but they were so sticky it was too difficult.
So I will wait until they are dry and do a second trim.

So I hope this will work.
I placed the smaller buds that I cut from the lower stalks, in a shoe box.
And the bigger ones in a big tray.

Now as luck would have it, this decision may be right.
As I found a Caterpillar hidden right inside.
He was still in a cocoon.
If he had hatched and had a first feed then got the munchies, shit knows what would have happened.

I tell you now I would have smoked the little bastard, reminiscent of the scene from Up in Smoke. Where the Dudes smoked the dog shit after it ate their stash. 😁

Onwards and upwards my friends.

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lol. Nothing like a little trim now and then. A shoebox, did you say a shoebox? Like a box where goes go in? Wow. her

Yea a box that shoes come in. Think auto correct was messing with you lol x

there are ways to override autocorrect you know.. Mr. Smith

It's you that needs to override auto correct lol xx

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why. ? do you wear shoes?

It is what our daughter called help the aged packages. Lol she sends us goodies in shoe boxes x

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Aha! So its drying already 😂 nice one mate!

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