So the work of trimming the bud is done.

in #weedcashlast year

With help of friends we got the trimming done. Hours of work one sunny afternoon.

I am keeping the trimmings for cannabis butter for baking

It will all be worth it in the end.
A very long journey for my first grow.
What an experience.
Next year I will do it all again.

All Jared up and ready for the final couple of weeks of curing.

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Nice one! If you have any other jars then space out the buds abit more, just to me the big jar looks very packed out 😂😂 open the jar for an hour every 2days just to realease the air inside

You must weigh it also!

Thanks Buddy. We didn't press the buds in just dropped them so there is plenty of air around.
The small jar is just bits and bobs.
Like the small buds from the lower stem. Have been burping the jar every few hours. Maybe I could leave it longer. It's in the dark is that right?😎

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Cool! You just got alot of bud then 😂

Yeh in the dark for a month 😊

Just transferred some to another jar. And yes enough to keep us stoned till Christmas lol😎

Trimming takes a lot of time. Good job.

Your telling me Buddy. I'm glad only one plant grew for my first time lol😎

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Congratulations on your success.

Thanks Mate 😁

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